Windows Media Player - Sudden Problems...

Sep 18, 2005
  1. Have had my Dell computer for about 2yrs - WindowsXP. Never a problem downloading and/or playing music w/the WMP9. Have used Kazaa, WinMX before; no problems.

    Today, downloaded LimeWire; all went well & was able to use. BUT, when I went to play any of the music (new or previously d/loaded), I keep getting this message: Error Code: #OxCOOD11BA. Description of this event says: "WMP can't play file because there is a prob w/your sound device. There may not be a sound dev installed, it may be in use by another prog, or it may not be functioning properly.'

    Checked Device Manager & I think everything is supposedly okay. Tried to install WMP10; couldn't - said had to install WMP9. Removed WMP9 & tried to install 10; still couldn't. Rolled system back to WMP9, but problem still persists. ANY HELP WILL BE APPRECIATED!!! Thank you!
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