Windows Server 2003 R2 problems

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Feb 7, 2007
  1. I have a network that works fine with a router in place for the DHCP. I have a new server that I am wanting to put in place for the DHCP and run Active Directory. I set up the server with the same scope for ip address so that I would not have to go and change any static ip systems. The server is able to surf the internet but the clients are not.

    The clients are pulling valid IPs from the server, to test this I repaired a systems IP address and it pulls the right IP and shows up in the server DHCP list.

    I have sonfigured the DNS forwarding to the ISP ip and still nothing.

    Anyone have any ideas

    If you need more information just let me know.

  2. orko1978

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    Try pinging the loopback ( on each client computer to verify the services needed are running and if those come back good, ping the router. Let me know what happens from there.
  3. Mictlantecuhtli

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    It might be easiest with Routing and Remote Access Wizard, just a couple of questions which network adapter to use for Internet and which one for internal network.
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    I have set up the Routing and remote service. I also checked the network, All clients can go anywhere on the network, that they have permissions to go, but still not internet.
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    Are you sure you want your server to perform DNS lookups? The clients need an ipconfig /release ipconfig /renew to obtain new DNS settings from your server, which should sort out their internet problems. But in general it would be easier within DNS (Configure a DNS server) to forward all client DNS requests to your router. Your server can be their DHCP and DNS server, but your server will then forward requests to the router. Easier and somewhat more of a small business standard set-up.
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