Windows Service Pack 2 issue, Windows not loading

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Mar 30, 2007
  1. Recently I downloaded service pack 2 on my computer. It was halfway through the download/installation when the program crashed and closed itself. I decided to deal with it later and turned off the computer. Now windows will no longer start. It gets to the black windows loading screen with the small blue bar at the bottom and loads forever. I cannot get to the desktop or even start in safe mode.

    I am able to boot from the Windows CD, but I still cannot get to any sort of desktop.

    I assume that the OS is half installed and cannot load the entire way. Is there any way for me to get SP2 off without fully loading windows? Or is there a way to load windows that I do not know about.

    Please help. I am not sure what information I need to provide here but I will gladly give any that is needed. Thank you so much for your help.
  2. gavinseabrook

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    Well, if it failed halfway through loading the different files, you will need to do a repair job from your install disc. Just boot to your install disk, and you should see an option that says "Press R for Repair". If it says "Recovery console", dont do it. You could also try a system restore before running the repair.
  3. MoosehatI

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    When I boot from the disk it says

    "To repair a Windows XP installation using Recovery Console, press R"
  4. howard_hopkinso

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    Hello and welcome to Techspot.

    Can you boot into safe mode? If so, try a system restore to before the sp2 update.

    If you can`t boot into safe mode, see this thread HERE for instructions on how to run a Windows repair.

    Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
  5. gavinseabrook

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    There are 2 different Repair options. One where you press R for Recovery Console, and one where you press r to REPAIR. Continue with the setup (and get past the first R for Recovery Console) and you should see another option (once it gets to the "Currently installed OS") that says press r to repair.
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