Windows shuts down but computer keeps running??

By Moonsitter
May 26, 2007
  1. Just reformatted daughters computer...put all programs back on..WindowsXP sp2 etc etc...all was working ok...but when I went to shut it down this morning... Windows would do its thing and shut itself down...and give me a message that its safe to turn computer off... This never happen would all shut down and computer. Can anyone tell me what is making it do the above.
  2. CCT

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    When you format a drive for an OS install, sometimes the correct HAL isn't selected, ie, you get an ACPI mobo that doesn't get ACPI.

    In Device Manager,Computer, what does it show your comp as?

    And what is is really?

    To set the correct HAL, you have to press F5 when the install asks for you to press F6 and then use your arrow keys to find the right HAL.

    NOW, this could also simply be that the HAL is right BUT your bios isn't set up to enable ACPI.

    Check that first.

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