Windows Source Leak Traces Back to Mainsoft

By Per Hansson
Feb 13, 2004
  1. BetaNews has learned that Thursday's leak of the Windows 2000 source code originated not from Microsoft, but from long-time Redmond partner Mainsoft.

    The leaked code includes 30,915 files and was apparently removed from a Linux computer used by Mainsoft for development purposes. Dated July 25, 2000, the source code represents Windows 2000 Service Pack 1.

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  2. Federelli

    Federelli TS Rookie Posts: 361

    Whoa you guys removed that insulting part of code comment, what happened?
  3. Julio Franco

    Julio Franco TechSpot Editor Posts: 7,671   +988

    I found it of somewhat bad taste and not too informative so I decided to take that down.
  4. Federelli

    Federelli TS Rookie Posts: 361

    Well done :)
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