Windows start up issues

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Feb 8, 2008
  1. Ok, here is my problem, i have a computer that has just suffered a weird problem that is taking me forever to fix. heres what happened.

    the day before it was running fine, i had installed some random program to allow for cellphone to pc syncronization cause i wanted to up load some songs onto a phone. well the next day when i start up the computer it goes ahead and crashes and gives me a blue screen gives me some random software error code gibberish, so i decide to go into safe mode. it starts by loading abit, screen flickers and then it flashes the old background that i changed from, it then begins loading the pre login(you know the one that pops up if you have multiple users) but instead of showing any users it just sits there with the windows logo there (note i can still use the mouse, it isnt frozen its just not loading anymore). so i reset the computer and waited to see what the error said. it talked about sptd.sys and ntoskrnl.exe so i tried using the console and it didnt work, i tried a cheap and simple method of having a win2000 disk going into the console on there, have the second cd drive with the xp cd and unloading the info. well after replacing the files it still takes me to the windows logo before the user selection screen. im currently on a mission to find out which files are needed to have them load up. does any one know how to fix this problem? or could you give me a list of all the files needed for start up. this is kinda the second time, but the last situation was a tab bit different. thanks
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    My hunch is the software you loaded is causing conflicts due to drivers.

    So, in order to help we will need some information. The next time you post attach your minidumps. The more you give the better chance we have of finding a solution.

    How to find your minidumps:

    C Drive > Windows Folder > Minidump Folder > Minidump Files. It is these files we need you to attach, NOT the whole folder.

    Below your reply screen is the Additional Options screen. Notice the Manage Attachment button.
  3. ddarkinc

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    Resolve this problem only to find another...

    I actually found out the problem a few days ago, i turns out my registry had gotten messed up pretty bad. and i found out which part too. it was the software hive. whoopie for me, I did a swap with the back up registry using recovery console and the repair folder and had it switched out. only problem now is that the way i found out it was the software hive was that i tried to reinstall just that hive into the registry since i wasnt able to use any programs nor connect to the internet for some reason even after reinstalling all the devices so when i did that same issues came up, but this time im locked out because the password for admin which was password changed some how so im locked out. im trying my best to get this thing up and running even though in most cases its clear to just format and reinstall which is sadly not an option because of how "frail" this computer is when it comes to Windows XP. Just wondering, would it be a good idea to install win2000 on another hard drive, go through and edit the registry and manually "fix" it? or if possible find a password cracker that will work on this bucket called a computer to find the password and then do it all again manually. well i'll find a way.
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  5. ddarkinc

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    well i would have, but for some reason as soon as i loaded up the software hive it wouldn't let me do anything else. remember i'm still learning about this stuff. As long as i learn something out of this mess im ok with it. So remember to load all of the hives gotcha, now since the software hive is most obviously the screwed up, is there a program that will allow me to fix it if i have a different os completely. cause that would probably be the best way of fixing this situation.
  6. jobeard

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    The registry is specific to OS, eg: if you have a dual boot system for XP and Vista, then each has its own registry.

    let's clarify issues you are having; this started with the phone sync software.
    a) does it work now or have you just removed it altogether ?
    b) any other symptoms?
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    if you mean you got a BLUE SCREEN with a blue background and white text the only ways i cvan think of is either:
    1. ring up the customer service for your pc
    2. if you still dont get any help reinstall the operating system
    3. dont install that software, unless your sure its not a virus or anything
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