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Dec 18, 2005
  1. is there a way to have programs that you set to start with windows to start minimized right to the system tray? i have a few things set to start with windows and they pop up everywhere and kind of annoy me, i still want them to start with windows just rather than poping up just automatically start minimized... is that possible?
  2. Flipi

    Flipi TS Rookie

    Just right click on the shortcut for that program and on that tab with run change from Normal window to Minimized.
    That's it :)
  3. Spike

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    That only minimises them - it doesn't minimise them to the system tray. For that you would require a third party program/utility to the best of my knowledge.
  4. jayno20

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    what kind of program would do that?
  5. Arcanum

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    Well, there's this little utility called 'Minimize to tray', it does work,
    however I have no idea if you can automate it to minimize specific programs on startup itself.

    There's also this 'Iconic Tray' which seems to have the same functionality, I also dont know if it can be configured to automatically minimaze apps on startup, though you can configure a hotkey to minimize more apps at once.

    Hope it helps...
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