Windows Stopped Auto-Detecting USB Devices

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Nov 15, 2007
  1. I have a computer that has stopped auto-detecting any USB thumb drives when I insert them. I have to go into Device Manager and scan for hardware changes. When I scan, it detects them. OS is XP Pro SP1.

    I've disabled some services in the past that I thought were not necessary, so this may be the cause, but I don't remember which services I disabled. I typically use as a guide for this.

    Anyone know if a specific service controls the auto-detection?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Cerberus

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    The first thing you should check is your USB settings in the BIOS. The BIOS controls the USB root hub.
  3. dgower2

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    It's Enabled in the BIOS.

    It's Enabled in the BIOS. Any other suggestions? This forum doesn't seem to be as active as it once was.
  4. gbhall

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    That may be because we all got bored with the same old things coming up time and again !! BSOD, NTSYS gone west, IRQ notless or equal.....

    My suggestion for your problem is control panel / system / hardware / device manager, look at the USB controllers. There is a trouble-shooter you could try, in extremis, just delete them all and reboot, let Windows find out about them all over again....

    Also, unless you have very good reason, you should update to SP2 - thats a couple of years old now, and contains all sorts of hardware handling improvements, and much else. Frankly you are vulnerable if still on SP1
  5. dgower2

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    I understand your point. People are lazy and would rather just ask than search for an answer themselves.

    The MS troubleshooters are completely useless - to me at least. I've already uninstalled them all and let Windows reinstall them - still no dice. I've updated the BIOS, chipset drivers.

    Finally I tried plugging my other flash drive in, and bam, it detected it. It was a bad flash drive - not the USB. I didn't consider this since an article in Maximum PC tested a bunch of thumb drives a while back and they proved to be practically indestructible.

    There's a lesson in this: Don't overlook the obvious.

  6. gbhall

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    Glad you found the problem, and thanks for letting us know what it was - too many lack that thoughtfulness.
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