windows/system32/config/system missing or corrupt.Recovery console and reinstall BSOD

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Jun 25, 2006
  1. HI guys.
    I had a common problem happen to me yesterday that i have fixed before. Its theold one windows/system32/config/system missing or corrupt, where you use your recovery console and boot disk to replace the files.
    i wasnt too worried and went to do this. Big problem though... I opened up recovery console, and when you select the drive you want to log onto, i.e
    "1. C:\Windows" , i press 1, and get a BSOD. Same BSOD when i try a re-install. This is the Error that appears in the BSOD

    blah blah blah blah advice
    "STOP: 0x00000051 (0x00000003, 0x00000001, 0x00003000, 0xE1295030)"

    The nasty thing is im unable to reinstall windows! nevermind recover all my files, which do include important coursework for school!!! the pc is completely inacessable, all i can do is go into bios(which im rather clueless about).

    Things i may look into doing:

    1. Open up computer and reseat the memory stix and remove dust. i think this may be a memory dump problem or something similar.
    2. A BartPe ultimate windows boot disk. I have no clue what this is but ive read about other people using it here, so i would like to find out more about this.
    Currently i have to use a 7 year old pentium 3 which has trouble loading msn messenger let alone windows! All help appreciated thanks!
  2. iss

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    Your re occuring problem is undoubtably caused by failing hardware. to recover your data you can make the BartPE disk and boot from it to recover your files. it also has some diagnostics in it you can run on the hard drive.

    you can find out about, and download it here.
  3. WinDoWsMoNoPoLy

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    Hmm i had that same problem. First it was a different file that was missing, i replaced it, then it was the system file. Was to much trouble to try and find it and i already had everything not replacable backed up so i just reinstalled.
  4. x0rsist

    x0rsist TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Serious? Any idea what component it might be ? I swiched the memory stix, trying them in single channel today and they dont seem to be the problem.
    the eroor has only happened once before, long time ago( imeant common as in with many other people i know). Then yeterday my mother froze the computer and she hard booted it. It came back up with that error and BSOD. Well that sucks :(, ahh well. Thanks for the advice. Ill look into a BartPe disk. Thanks again
  5. x0rsist

    x0rsist TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I dont know if this would work but, would it be possible to buy another hard drive and install windows on it,aftr removing the old drive, then wen its installed and up and running, put the other drive in and have 2 drives? that way i could acess the files again? Or is that a completley dud idea. A computer friend of mine suggested it as i dont really have an in depth knowledge of computers. Thanks
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