Windows Update HELP

By SenateKT
Jul 18, 2007
  1. ok outa no where my windows updates will no longer install, no error message nothing. It downloads them then says they failed to install. Ive tryed manually installing windows genuine notification, windows update client, BITS 3.0. Nothing works they still wont install. Windows defender also will not update I get (error found: Code 0x80004002). I have been googling like crazy for the last 5 hours and im stumped can anyone please help me to resolve this issue.

    OS= Windows XP pro

    I had windows xp home on the laptop and I upgraded to pro with a disk I purchased from my school. This disk was used to fully install xp pro on a home desktop. I then used it to upgrade the laptop could that be the issue? and if it is why doesnt it say anything? the windows activated fine, downloaded genuine notification fine.
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    Dial-a-fix! greatest program ever saved me I was about to format!
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