Windows Vista Beta 2 (5384) Compatibility List

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Jul 18, 2006
  1. These are all of the programs I've tested so far with this build of Windows Vista; and they work 100%.

    Windows Vista Beta 2 (5384) Activation Trick: There is a neat little trick for the TimeBomB in Windows Vista Beta 2, this will reset your activation counter from whatever day back to 14 days. I am not sure if i can post this, it is not a crack, but a command you enter at command prompt. I will post this only if someone or the admin on this site allows me to Edit:Thanks for your consideration. I think it`d be better if you didn`t post the details.

    Software: Ccleaner (newest), WinAso 2.6, jv16 PowerTools 2006, Virtual Clone Drive, Trend Micro Pc-cillin 14.55 (Beta), Mozilla Firefox (, FRAPS, CureROM, Azureus (works perfectly but Windows will change your Glass interface and the back when you quit the program), Spybot - Search & Destroy 1.4, Driver Cleaner 3, Driver Cleaner (the driver cleaners might not clean the drivers 100%, maybe 90%), Stratup Run, Winrar 3.50 Final, Everest Ultimate Edition 2006, Microsoft Office 2007 Plus Beta 2
    Things I will try: Oblivion, much more games, and lots of other software, Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3

    Games: Need for Speed Most Wanted (does not work as great as on Win XP, this is with an 7800 GS and NVIDIA Beta Drivers (for VISTA BETA 2). WinXP: 30-40fps or more, Win Vista: 20-35 fps or more.:dead:

    Drivers: This is currently tested on my computer so...
    Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS (works 5.1);)
    I got it working in 5.1 by: Installing the Vista Beta 2 drivers off Creative, then downloaded and installed the WinXP (newest drivers) from creative. NOTE: Do not uninstall the Vista drivers manually but just run the WINXP driver and it will do it for you. NOTE: The Creative Audio Console installed by the WINXP driver features EAX, do not enable this option, because it will crash your system(BSOD), it will dump your memory.

    XFX GeForce 7800 GS(G71)
    Installed Vista Beta driver, new control panel has a lot of missing features compared to the windows xp one (I am referring to the NVIDIA control panel!!) Also I noticed the 3D Setting are very limited, Ansiotropic Filtering only 2X!!!

    Linksys LNE100TX(v5) Fast Ethernet Adapter
    I downloaded the WINXP drivers from Linksys the (v5) drivers those are the only ones that I tried.

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    Why wouldn't you activate it?

    VLC isn't compatible with Aero Glass either, if you watch a video clip with overlay it reverts to Aero Basic and back when you quit it. Media Player Classic works fine.

    GNU's C++ compiler (g++) doesn't seem to work, it nags about missing cc1plus.exe and then missing include files.

    Other working applications include Visual Studio 2005, Macromedia Flash 8, Apache 2.2.0, MySQL 5.0.18.

    These are some of the applications I use at work (yes, I run Vista beta 2 on a production machine there).

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    Windows Vista 5456 HANGING!!!!

    I do not know what seems to be the problem here, but Windows Vista Beta 2 Build 5456 keeps hanging when i try to install it, it hangs at the part where it says "Completing Installation". The really weird thing is that it INSTALLED perfectly the first time I tried it, but Windows Installer Service issues appeared, and I formated and tried to install it clean. I followed a guide
    and this is what i followed line by line, and it removed Vista Build 5384 perfectly and installed for the first time Build 5456 perfectly; but now when i try to install build 5456 it keeps hanging, and no i do not have any overheating issues, and my powersupply is a 600w OCZ Powerstream. What do you guys suggest I do to solve this problem? Now I am currently downloading Build 5472, I think it is the latest but I want to know if the same thing will happen here too, because then I don't want to download it.

    To remove Windows Vista from a MULTI-BOOT environment where it has been installed on a system containing two or more other "Legacy" operating systems, and with Windows Vista still fully installed, insert your Windows XP CD into your CD/DVD Drive and reboot the computer, ensuring the DVD drive is the first boot device.

    CAUTION: Modifying the contents of one's boot.ini file and bootsector may lead to not being able to access the operating system.

    When prompted to by Setup, "Press any key to boot from CD...". Wait for the very first Setup screen at which Setup stops and press R (To repair a Windows XP Installation using Recovery Console, press R). If you installed Windows Vista to a Multi-Boot RAID Array, you will need to install your F6 RAID Floppy drivers, before you get to the setup screen where you press R to enter the Recovery Console.

    Select your Windows XP partition > 1. C:\WINDOWS > type "1" (without the quotes) or the appropriate corresponding number for the drive containing your boot.ini

    Insert your Administrator password when prompted and Enter

    Type "fixboot" (without quotes) at the command prompt and Enter

    Type "Yes" and when "Are you sure you want to write a new bootsector to the partition C: ?" appears, type "Y" and Enter

    The following message will appear > "a new boot sector was successfully created".

    At the command prompt type "exit" and Enter

    When the system reboots you will notice that the Windows Vista bootloader no longer exists.

    Boot into Windows XP and go to Disk Management (right click My Computer>Manage>Disk Management).

    Select the drive you have Windows Vista installed on, right click it and select Format. A quick format is all you need. Should you get an error message stating that the drive is in use, open My Computer from your Windows XP desktop, right-click the drive containing the Windows Vista installation you wish to remove and format it from there.

    Now go to Windows Explorer and delete the following files from the root of your Windows XP installation hard drive or partition:

    Boot (folder)

    Next, right click My Computer, select Properties>Advanced>Startup and Recovery>Settings and under System startup, make sure that Windows XP is selected as the Default operating system. If not, then select it as Default operating system and select OK at the foot of the Startup and Recovery user interface and again select OK at the foot of System Properties user interface.[/size]

    To confirm that your boot.ini file is now correct, go to the Run dialogue box on your start menu and type "msconfig" (without the quotes). This will open the System Configuration Utility. Go to the BOOT.INI tab and select "Check All Boot Paths". You should get a dialogue box appearing with the message "It appears that all BOOT.INI lines for Microsoft operating systems are OK"

    Restart your computer and you will note that the Windows Vista boot menu no longer exists and that only non-Windows Vista boot menu items are listed.
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    I tried installing Windows Vista 5472 and the exact same thing, freezes at the exact same place. PLEASE HELP!!!

    NFSFAN TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 245


    Anyway thanks, I finally got it working, but those lists you listed are very poor. For example I tried running Azureus with JRE v6.0 and it won't work, it gives me an error. Also DAEMON TOOLS 4.03 doesn't work either, although it clearly states that it does. If you know how to get these apps working please help. P.S Also O&O Defragmentation Tool v8 doesn't work.
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    why are we evening bothering with Vista? It's BETA!

    Expect bugs with BETA software.
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    its would be so nice if you told me how i can active it thats my mail anyway and thanks alot man for ur help waiting ur answer

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