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Jan 24, 2006
  1. Does anyone know how, if there is a way, to change the boring welcome screen? If I made something in Adobe Photoshop and wanted to put in there isntead of that welcome screen, how would I do it? Thanks in advance.
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    Thanks man. I appreciate that.
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    Another solution to change the screen:

    download cmdasuser.exe from mickeysoft
    logon into windows using an administrator account
    start->run->cmdasuser localsystem<enter>
    ctrl+alt+del->task manager
    kill all explorer.exe processes and dont minimize the dos window which says localsystem in the title.

    click the dos windows
    type explorer.exe<enter>

    The localsystems desktop is loaded.

    Now you change with desktop->rightclick->properties->desktop the desired desktop. When you are finished, reboot your computer. Et voila :D

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    There are programs like StyleXP and Screen Booty which allow you to change the look but caution is advised as any errors might just cause you to have to do a fresh install or repair. These are both for XP.
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