Windows will not boot (Help)

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Oct 18, 2004
  1. I need some assitance.

    I have a computer that was booting up and giving me a corrupt file error, I was able to fix that problem, however when my computer goes to boot to windows, it got as far as the windows XP pro splash screen then the screen went black and then it restarted. I put the hard drive into another computer as a slave and when i started that computer up CHDSK ran and found a ton of errors and deleted a lot of files. After Windows loaded, I was able to copy 98% of my files off that drive, but some the clusters were inaccessable. After I copied my files I formatted the drive however most of the files could not be coppied during the installation. It also started making some weird noises (i'm quite sure this hard drive is dead, its 3 years old) I put another hard drive in that computer that had windows pre-installed on it and tried to boot that, Windows starts to load and gets as far as the white loading bar (just before the Windows XP splash screen) and then stops there.

    I removed every device from the computer expect the video card, the hard drive (with the working OS on it) the ram and obvioulsy the motherboard and CPU. The problem insists. I put a new IO cable on the hard drive, same problem, I removed the ram and put a new stick in and changed the slot that it was in, same problem.

    I'm just wondering what is causing this, is the motherboard bad or am I missing something??


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  2. RealBlackStuff

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    To make that other HD work, you will have to reinstall XP. The current version on that GHD runs with the drivers and hardware-specs from the PC it came out of, and unless that was a 100% identical PC, it won't work.
  3. Ikarus

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    yeah, very shortly after I posted that thread and re-read it, I remembered that.

    Thank You very much, because if I didn't remember that I'd still be stumped like a tree.
  4. helpmeplz

    helpmeplz TS Rookie

    i need help

    Hi im new to the forums and I need help because my pc starts then it carries on booting the computer up then it stops goes black and restarts. i am running windows xp pro and i have tried all the options when pressing F8 it just doesn't work. I cant use my boot up disk because it wont boot up frm a floppy or a cd rom! can anyone help. if im not here add me on msn thnx frm calvin
  5. bwchato

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    I had a similar problem not long ago.It turned out to be a bad memory stick.Mine would go in a continous loop.I took 1 of the memory modules out and that solved the problem.If you have more than i memory stick they should be bought in pairs,but you could also have a bad memory slot.
  6. BillyChan

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    Very useful program to boot up my XP without any programming knowledge

    I had the same problem before didn't able to repair my C: drive using XP CD, and I didn't want to format my drive either. I received all kind of error message after accidently renamed all my drives' name and defraged my drives with errors and power outage (really bad luck).

    After 2 days (I mean really 48hrs) searching online trying all kinds of possible rescues. I finally got back most of my data (not all as I'm still trying now in day 2). And I really feel that people are so kind to share their expertise to help the others on this problem (especially those who made the program and let people use it for free, like PTedit.exe and TestDisk.exe, they should really get credits).

    I tried Norton Antivirus 05 rescue bootable disks and hope it would fix my drive somehow but no luck on that (or it did, but I just didn't notice, cuz still unbootable after that). Later I tried Partition Magic 8 resuce disk (you have to have PartitionMagic to make that resuce floppy) and once it loaded in DOC, it realized there's error in my boot drive and fixed the partition table. So I tried to reboot but still XP didn't bootup. But this time I was able to repair my XP using XP CD (repair XP I don't mean using "Automated Recovery Console" which is kinda technical, even I did try some comment like fixboot, fixmbr. Luckily I didn't erase all my data in my drive. I suggest try this at last after you have tried all I said in this message) I mean using XP CD to boot and don't hit "R" for repair, instead hit "Enter" to install XP, go to lincese agreement page, press F8, then you MIGHT have the option to "repair previous version of Windows" or "just F3 to quit". If you don't see the repair option, try to use TestDisk.exe, which I mention above, or PTedit.exe (which is downloadable for free and included in Nortion Antivirus Resuce Disk and PartitionMagic 8 resuce disk)to modifiy the PartitionTable, change the "Type" to 07 (which means unhide NTFS, You can find your TYPE using "set type" button in PTedit if you use other format instead of NTFS).

    After that I was able to boot to Windows XP but my other 3 drives are gone. After this I found the TestDisk.exe (I wish I found this before, it might have fixed everything in the first place) and it fixed two of my drives. I give up on the third one since there's only some songs in that drive. Only problem is some of my programs don't run anymore and I think I have to reinstall them. But I think a better way is to format all my drive and reinstall everything again after I save the data that I need.
  7. Ness7386

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    Just installed a new motherboard. The old was a VIA chipset, the new is a nVidia chipset. It only boots as far as trying to read the IDE drives, and then freezes unless I unhook the CD ROM drive. With only the hard drive and video card installed, it will just go to the screen that allows you to choose the safe mode, DOS mode & a last know good start up point. Then it just shuts down and restarts.... OK, now that you know my probelm, please help me fix it! The computer is unable to read the CD ROM drive, therefore I am unable to give it the driver information it needs. HELP!
  8. riverbel

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    windows will not boot

    I don't know if I am posting in the right place, but I need to know how to boot up too. I turned off my computer, and when I turned it back on, it just goes to the logo, Microsoft windows XP, with the three little dots going through it. Thats as far as it goes. Been there for a hour or so.
  9. nork

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    Those posting with problems should likely start their own thread. Its hard to answer 2 or 3 different issues at the same time.
    Most places ask you to do this, i imagine its the same here?
  10. bxkeepinitreal2

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    windows not booting

    the specs of my laptop are at:
    i jus have a question, i recetly bought a laptop from my friedn, but he did not give my any of the original cds. the laptop will not boot from a new windows xp professional cd because i belive it didnt have professional, but rather the originla xp version, blue scren pops up saying that windows cannot copy file sor find the, so what would u suggest i do?thank you for ur help
  11. tweakboy

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    Should go into safe mode, Try driver cleaner ,, remove everything,,

    Reboot then install proper drivers for your devices,,
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