Windows wont boot 64 bit chip new mobo

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I just received my new ECS Mobo and AMD Athlon 3200+ 64 Bit Chip today.
I swapped the parts, etc. Everything works fine, but when it gets to the logo screen of windows, it just doesn't show up and reboots.
I tried re-installing windows, not reformatting, due to valuable data on the HDD, and still....same result.
I would really love to get my computer working, please help.


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Have you checked if the placement of the chip and heatsink is correct? Also you need to hook up the 12v pin to your mother board it is a 4 socket plug from your power supply if this is not hooked up you will not boot ...


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Also ECS are not exactly known for reliability!
Bought it from Fry's?
The BIOS might not be able to handle 90nm chips, until you update it, using a 130nm chip!


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As a matter of course, you should always reset the CMOS on a new motherboard. You'll find the jumper near the battery on most MoBos.

Having done that, you should go into the BIOS and choose to load setup defaults before checking specific settings for your computer.
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