Windows won't boot

By faithin_felix
Jan 14, 2007
  1. I have searched the Internet including this forum and i could not find any solution to my ACER WLMI laptop.

    At the windows xp screen, the blue progress bar loads for approximately 10 seconds and it stops loading.
    I tried booting from safe mode but it stops at agpCPQ.sys
    I tried re-formating, booting from CD, at the blue screen, it says Windows Setup and it's stuck at "Setup is starting Windows" and it's been like that for hours.

    I have seen some solutions where they go to advanced in BIOS ( i have no idea what that is ), so i can't find it even after i press F2 on the setup.

    I could ship my laptop to ACER company but i need the laptop fixed for school, please help me. Add me on MSN at or post possible solutions for this dilemma. Thanks, Karma to you all!

    Admins feel free to move topic if it is wrong section, thanks!
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