windows won't start after POST

By Fang21
Apr 19, 2007
  1. Hi everyone. After a format and reinstallation I made of win xp my system won't boot. POST process is successful but when windows logo apears on the black font it just hangs there. Tried to boot from CD but but it won't unless reinstalling windows. So every time I turn on the PC I need to repair/reinstall windows for the system to run. On the first restart after the repair/reinstalllation of windows the system starts properly but the next time I turn it on it doesn't. Is this a bios problem? i tried all combinations and the default one.
  2. mikescorpio81

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    You may need to repair your MBR through the repair option on Your WinXP CD (FIXMBR).
    Can you boot into Safe Mode?
  3. G Ray88

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  4. Fang21

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    Thanks a lot

    Problem is it doesn't happen always. After reinstalling windows for the rest of the day no matter how many times i reboot my PC it reboots fine. But when I turn it off for the night next morning the problem is there again. :mad:

    Could it be the power supply?

    Appreciate your help

    Oh and yes safe mode works fine
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