Windows x64 NLite Install Missing Quick Launch Bar

By shortbean
Aug 7, 2006
  1. Windows x64 NLite Install Missing Quick Launch Bar

    This is a interesting one. I did a NLite install last night for Windows x64. It seemed to go well. I actually did not take out or add much... just a few things. In the end it was bigger than normal install cause I added the Yukon ethernet driver. (I usually scrap a ton of stuff for most installs but was having a seperate issue than this and wanted to see if it reappeared with a non-aggresive full install.)

    To make a long story short my quicklaunch bar did not come up... and when i enable it..... and than 'apply' or 'ok' it closes normally and fails to add the quick launch bar. When I return to add quick launch bar menu it again is unchecked.... so I did search found a little note to add these. I did and got bupkis.

    This is confusing page and the instructions seem to imply it's for the Windows and not google as the page is titled.

    I'm at my wits end... well not really. I'm not even mildly annoyed just curious. Any wiz kids want a crack at it?

    Hmm just dawned on me those imply 32 not 64 reg files... maybe i'll try them 64 style. Replacing 64 for 32 was reported back to me as a not existent file.
  2. Mictlantecuhtli

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    Welcome to TechSpot

    What were those "few things" ?

    I'm using an nLite-XP x64 too, I removed about 130 MB from it and Quick Launch is working fine.

    Or did you apply some tweaks with nLite?
  3. shortbean

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    Set to classic view all over

    Removed search & docs from start menu.

    Added x64 version to bottom right of screen.

    Might have or not have selected add quick launch bar. Did select disable group. Disable hide inactive.

    I'll reinstall same disk in a couple hours see if it's the same. just wondering if anyone else ran into it.

    My suggestion for now is not to mess (enable) the quicklaunch setting in case it was at fault as of now.

    Ya i usually remove something in the order of 110 MBs but I’m having a stutter issue in games now and I’m trying to track it down so i did full install. BTW I’d love to see your list of disabled services... Now that BlackVipers site is down and cause he ever did one for x64.

    It showed a negative content remove on install since i added the Yukon driver displayed "(-.17)" mb or something like that
  4. Mictlantecuhtli

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    Doesn't the "classic" Explorer set it as it is in Windows 95, ie. no Quick Launch, no Drag'n'Drop, right-click on menus?

    Here's my service list (excluding third party applications):
    Application Experience Lookup Service	Automatic
    Application Management			Automatic
    Automatic Updates			Disabled (I start it when I check for updates manually)
    BITS					Manual
    ClipBook				Disabled
    COM+ Event System			Manual
    COM+ System Application			Manual
    Cryptographic Services			Autom.
    DCOM Server Process Launcher		Autom.
    DHCP Client				Autom.
    DNS Client				Autom.
    Error Reporting Service			Disabled
    Event Log				Autom.
    HTTP SSL				Disabled
    Human Interface Device Access		Disabled
    IAS Jet Database Access			Manual
    Indexing Service			Autom.
    IPSEC Services				Manual
    Logical Disk Manager			Autom.
    Logical Disk Manager Admin Service	Manual
    Network Connections			Manual
    Network DDE				Disabled
    Network DDE DSDM			Disabled
    NLA					Manual
    Network Provisioning Service		Manual
    Plug and Play				Autom.
    Print Spooler				Disabled
    Protected Storage			Autom.
    Remote Access Auto Connection Manager	Manual
    Remote Access Connection Manager	Manual
    Remote Desktop Help Session Manager	Disabled
    RPC					Autom.
    Routing and Remote Access		Disabled
    Security Accounts Manager		Autom.
    Security Center				Autom.
    Shell Hardware Detection		Autom.
    System Event Notification		Autom.
    System Restore				Disabled
    Task Scheduler				Disabled
    Telephony				Disabled
    Terminal Services			Disabled
    Themes					Disabled
    UPS					Manual
    Virtual Disk Service			Manual
    Windows Audio				Autom.
    Windows Firewall / ICS			Disabled
    Windows Image Acquisition		Disabled
    Windows Installer			Manual
    WMI					Autom.
    WMI Driver Extensions			Manual
    Windows Time				Disabled
    Windows User Mode Driver Framework	Manual
    WinHTTP Web Proxy Auto-Discovery	Disabled
    WMI Performance Adapter			Manual
    The list is missing (at least) Computer Browser, Server and Workstation because I uninstalled them during XP install when it asked for NIC settings.
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