Windows x64 partition size

By singjai
May 2, 2006
  1. Newbie question, but I've owned a PC for perhaps eight months--it has a 30 gig Quantum Fireball HD as a single NTFS volume and my experiences with it told me the new one should have more partitions. My new one has a 300 gig drive. I've an idea how much space to give routine applications and data files, large and small (audio/video files would be considered large).

    But how much space to give the (c) volume, which would house Windows itself? I tried setting (c) at 10 gigs, a few days later with only Windows and drivers installed (c) had <0.5 gig free. Applications had been installed to (d) and files saved to (e) or (f) as appropriate. I had also set restore points prior to installing some of the applications.

    Does Windows 64 need more than 10 gigs (and if so how much more?)? Are those restore points eating up all that space? Or does x64 allocate to itself whatever is available in the drive it is installed to no matter the size of the drive?

    Mainly, it's the first question though. How much space does a Windows 64 need?
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