Windows Xp 64, I Have It Do You

By jblake13
Jun 10, 2005
  1. Hi I'me jblake13, and know ime not 13 years old ime 25
    I have three computers I built my self this last on has windows xp 64 on it if enybody knows were I can find drivers let me know or if you just want to know about the know new OS.
  2. kol_indian

    kol_indian TS Rookie Posts: 316

    welcome to techspot :wave:

    good luck in that drivers issue.
  3. SNGX1275

    SNGX1275 TS Forces Special Posts: 10,742   +421

    Somethings you won't find drivers for yet.
    I had the beta public release, and still am using it, here is what I know you can find:
    nForce chipset drivers (this will enable things like sound and your NIC (if they are onboard))
    video card drivers, ATi and NVidia

    beyond that, its kinda hit an miss, fortunately I don't need drivers for anything other than my dial up modem. My modem manufacturer has not released any 64 bit drivers, and talking with tech support I got the impression they didn't even know there was a 64 bit Windows out. So I just dial in with another comp and share the connection. Not going to be a problem for you broadband guys.

    If you can't find 64 bit drivers for what you need, you either aren't looking at the manufacturer's website, or they haven't made any yet.
  4. bigpimpblake

    bigpimpblake TS Rookie

    i WAS JBLAKE13 BUT IM NOW BIGPIMPBLAKE THE 56K MODEM THAT I HAD BERORE iWENT TH CABLE WAS A External USB SmartLink thay have 64bit drivers find them at
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