Windows XP Boot Problems!

By imfamousQ
Oct 26, 2006
  1. Hi Guys,

    I come up across with a problem that I have.
    Yesterday, I just played some cs and shut down my computer.
    And today, I tried booting up windows XP.
    What happened is that it goes onto the screen where you choose the user account, and when I click it nothing happens and just logs me back out.
    How can I fix this problem without reformatting my computer?

    My Comp Spec Is:
    P4 3.06GHZ 512 MB RAM 120GB HD GE FORCE 5200
  2. Williamp

    Williamp TS Rookie

    I will. Hello to everyone. I am not an expert by any means but I have built 6 or 8 PC's now and have some solutions that may help, I certainly have had my share of BSOD adventures when loading Windows XP initially on a new machine and have had to do everything from loading XP with SP1 then SP2 and then the joy of what seems like a million patches and fixes and security leak fixes from Microsoft. Also have found it sometimes helps but not always to load the Sata and Raid drivers that come on the floppy with a new board. Have had to increase the latensy on the memory as well. Sometimes you can put all back where it was once everything is up and running. It's happened on MSI, A Open and Gigabyte boards. I have gathered many other suggestions as well, but it is a problem. Most often its the drivers. This sounds like something I should know but can you install the MB software and drivers before putting in an OS? How would you do that? Those questions may be old but would still like to hear the best way to do this.
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