windows xp booting problem on linux system

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Oct 15, 2007
  1. hi
    my laptop is having redhat linux OS, and i want to add windows xp.
    when i keep windows xp cd to install in my laptop. first it is asking "please
    press enter to boot from the cd" and then when i press enter. iam getting blank screen. i want to keep both linux and windows in my laptop. please help me if u can
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    If memory serves me you need to partition the HDD into two C/D then install XP on the first partition C:\ NTFS then install Linux the second D:\Linux Format. If the boys at Linux have come up with a better way that's great.

    I think VMARE and some others opensource programs can do this too.. You need to look into it at the Linux level. Or maybe someone here knows more about Linux. I am more of Windows Wired/Wireless Networking type of guy :)
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  4. Rick

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    Even with linux installed and if your system is completely not setup for Windows, you should still get further than this. I suspect your CD is messed up.

    Traditionally, after you hit ENTER or what have you when Windows prompts you to press 'any key' to begin the setup, it takes several seconds and shows a blue screen as it loads the pre-setup environment. If you don't see this screen, there's some wrong with your hardware.
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