Windows XP bootscreen stalls with no keyboard

By TheTexan1981
Oct 14, 2006
  1. Hey everyone,

    New member here with my first question...

    I've set up a computer to run as a MAME machine along with some other emulators and therefore want to only have my joysticks connected to it. Unfortunatly for some reason Windows XP doesn't like that very much and stalls on the boot screen. (the screen with the xp logo and moving blue bar.) When the screen comes up it begins moving along just fine, but a little while later the blue bar slows down dramatically and the harddrive keeps reading.

    I waited to see if it would load up and it didn't, so i gave in and plugged in the PS/2 keyboard and viola! It's as though it's waiting for the keyboard to be plugged in to continue.

    I don't understand why. My other computer running xp doesn't do this. And i've made sure the BIOS doesn't error out on no keyboard.

    Any ideas on what it could be?

    I've tried enabling USB keyboard in the BIOS but that didn't seem to fix it
  2. TheTexan1981

    TheTexan1981 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ya'll can disregard this question, I figured it out myself.

    If you care to know the solution, here it is:

    Windows eventually boots therefore i went into the boot.ini and replaced the 30 second "timeout" time to 1 second. It now goes right on through
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