Windows Xp BSOD

By ase1590
Jan 23, 2008
  1. I recently downloaded the game microsoft urban assault. i Attempted to run this on my Windows Xp and i got the BSOD saying Bad_Pool_Header. this happened about 10 seconds after i start a level in the game. I am using windows xp home edition sp2, an ati radeon 9550 card with latest drivers for it. I'm pretty sure it isn't my ati card overtaxing on power, as i have run higher end things than this before.

    computer: Windows Xp home edition SP2
    Amd sempron 2200+
    1.49 Ghz
    512 Mb of ram
    2 hard drives

    error screen Bad_pool_Header STOP:0x00000019

    I believe the game utilizes DirectX and direct 3d, which i have updated.

    The game is old(1998) but i really want to figure out why it isn't working

    It isn't a random BSOD, i can replicate the event if i want to
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