Windows XP CD Boot not working

By stagg73
Dec 28, 2006
  1. I am unable to start my Sony Vaio XP laptop and when I start-up in safe mode, the computer hangs on Agp440.sys. MSFT says to disable the Agp440.sys by booting from the CD, however, when I try to boot from the CD, it goes through the normal loading process from the CD but freezes at the blue Windows set-up screen. In the white bar across the bottom of the screen it says 'Setup is Starting Windows', but nothing happens...Any ideas or suggestions of other ways to boot from a CD or other ways to disable the Agp440.sys?
  2. scootek

    scootek TS Rookie

    I had the same problem with my desktop just yesterday, anyhoo, after much research on trying to find a solution, I used an older hard drive I had laying around put xp on it then slaved the old drive to it and yarded the files off it. With that in mind there is another way and that is to get a bootable cd from It's only 4 bucks and from what I understand it works well for replacing corrupt files and such. Hope everything works out for ya.
  3. fastco

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