Windows XP Failing to Load and Keeps Restarting

By helau
Dec 16, 2007
  1. On my desktop computer at home, I'm having trouble getting it to load to the desktop in either normal mode or safe mode.

    What happens is the following.

    After switching on the computer, it goes to a screen with the following:

    After selecting any of the options, it restarts and acts as if I just turned out the computer and goes back to the same message quoted above.

    I was not around when this first started happening around 2 weeks ago (This computer is a home computer, while I'm away at University). At the time, my brother was trying to load Microsoft Word to help my dad take care of some paperwork, but he felt it was taking too long compared to the usual time and decided to restart the computer. After the restart, the computer gave the message above and just rebooted, showing the message above in quotes again after selecting any of the options.

    I've attempted to clean out the dust that has gathered inside the computer, but that didn't change anything. I would apprentice any help I can get in getting this problem fixed. If there's any information that you think might help you help me, please go ahead and ask and I'll try my best to give the information. Thanks in advance.
  2. Joe Walton

    Joe Walton TS Rookie Posts: 36

    1st.. check that your computer is set to boot from cdrom,

    when you start your computer go into setup/bios (usually by pressing delete/F1/F2)

    once your in bios you need to find the boot sequence (different for all computers)

    and make sure cdrom is your 1st option..

    Insert and boot from your operating system disk (windows xp home/pro)

    once its booted select the "repair" option/ press 'r'

    you will then get the black screen it may ask you to select a drive, choose C:\ (also may ask for an administrator password)

    once your on the c:\ enter: "chkdsk /p" (you must put a space) and wait for it to scan.

    It should say its found errors on the drive etc.

    then type: "fixboot" and it will ask your a question answer yes "y"

    then type: "exit" and remove the Operating system disk.

    It will then reboot and should startup fine...

    hope that helps you
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