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Aug 1, 2002
  1. Hi,

    I installed windows XP Home Ed. 2 days ago. When I use the Internet Explorer to browse website, there's a pop up box about Java Virtual Machine is required. In the pop up box, there's only 2 button - Download and Cancel.
    When I choose Download, it open a browser and link to But in microsoft site, Microsoft doesn't support virtual machine anymore. So I go to and download Java Virtual Machine 1.40 ( I don't know - is there any difference between microsoft VM and Java VM? ).
    After Installing Java VM, everything goes right (the browser can open the page correctly), but it becomes very slow to load the web page. Does anyone know what's wrong? or maybe anyone have a link to download Microsoft VM? any help pls.. Thanks
  2. Phantasm66

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    Funnily enough a workmate noticed this problem just earlier today.

    Yes, there is a difference between Sun Java and MS Java VM.

    I shall ask him if he found a solution. Basically looks like a booboo on MS's part.
  3. Phantasm66

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  4. TS | Thomas

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    Microsoft still offer the JavaVM, available at
    That said the Sun one you've pointed out is far better than Microsoft's, which is rather out-dated. Stick with the Sun one.
  5. guyferd

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    Microsoft VM.

    Thanks anyone..

    I try this link :
    I unistalled the Java VM and installed Microsoft VM from that site. Everything goes right, the performance of Mic. VM is much better than Java VM.
    I think the problem had been solved.. :D
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