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By Gourry25
Nov 24, 2006
  1. Hey I need some serious help. here is my situation. Atm on my Pc is a copy of Win Xp Home edition 2002 then i downloaded and installed SP2 when that came out. well I am atm missing files and the cd I cannot use for 2 reasons now. first off no sp2 to can't repair\overwtire the Os like i did when i had 98 and 2nd and most inportantly this copy is relaly my brothers copy, thereofre i must delte this OS and get my own. but Atm I cannot afford $200 for Win Xp Home with service pack 2 which is what i want and need. Microsoft does know all this info and understood because my brother claimed to have lost the cd, but when i told him he could get a upgraded cd replacement for $28 that would work he told me some info he failed to mention to me over 4 years ago(like he had found the cd 1 year ago):/. So Microsoft said don't worry no one will get introuble, all I need to do is get my own OS and things will be fine.

    Well I was looking at and saw this:

    I need to know the following:

    1: Is this a full version or an upgrade?
    2: will it come with its own cd key?
    3: Can it be installed freshly(i will have to do that no matter what OS i get)
    4: I want to mention I do not mind downloaded updates if this fixes the problem.

    Additional info: Reason why i called up Microsoft in the first aplce was because I was missing files. and sees a lot more than just the USB files that should be in the C:\Windows\INF dir

    So pelse I need all the info I can get on what to do and stuff.
  2. smore9648

    smore9648 TS Rookie Posts: 697

    I am assuming thats only an upgrade. I have never seen a full installation disk for only $89.

    You will need a previos OS to install an upgrade.
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