Windows XP Home SP2 right click hangs....

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Aug 27, 2005
  1. It's not just when I right click...It's when I hit the windows key and e too try too bring up explorer. I can't right click on recycle bin...when I do any of those things, it just comes up with the little hour glass and just hangs there. Then I can't click on the start menu or anything on the desktop, but I can tab through the programs I already had open. Anyone got any idea what could be the problem??

  2. Liquidlen

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    Sometimes this type of behaviour is a result of new software updates/installation bugs. Also, web bugs/trjans will do this.
    If you have not made any software changes lately, then you should start by running all the system protective software you have . Anti virus,Anti spyware etc.
    You can look at the top of this forum for more info.
    If you did software changes check for knowledge based info or roll back out of the install etc.
    Call back when you have more specific info.
  3. DATA98

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    Problems with system hanging...

    I've ran adaware, spybot search and destroy and ran a full system scan with AVG Virus Scanner plus Trend micros online scan. I've also ran a full system scan disk and defraged the hard drive. The only thing that I can think that I have installed was Winace, but I uninstalled that and I still have the problem. It's got my stumped....

  4. Liquidlen

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    There are a couple more you should try ;
    Also ,after cleaning a computer files necessary configuration files can often be ; deleted or deystroyed because of what Bugs actually try to change .You may need to do a system restore to regain important system control files.
  5. DATA98

    DATA98 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    System still hangs when I right click......

    I tried everything in the last post and still don't know what too do...everything that's running looks like things that are fine. Kinda makes me think it could be a problem with my registry or possibly my context menus(seen those brought up in some google searches). Is there any program for the registry that would possibly find a problem like this and fix it or something that can reset the context menus? I can always reassociate things like winzip and things if that's the problem.

  6. Liquidlen

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    I do not know about some of the Tweak type software.It may be a mistake to add fuel to the fire.your problems seem core system (Missing/corupt system files or Registry)
    There are programs like Registry first aid ,that track alot of errors, you must be careful what you do change.
    You might try repairing th existing windows installation,normally this will not deystroy data and programs ,but you will have to update Windows (At least there are now only 2 major service pack to do.
    I am curious about your Keyboard and mouse .Are you using a upscale programs on them eg. Logitech trackball? Maybe investigate updates for these items.
    Make sure you have a good Backup in place, before you proceed.
    Let us know,how it goes.
  7. DATA98

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    Still no luck....

    Well I got that program hijackthis...anyone see anything??

    Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
    Removed, see How to post your Hijackthis log-files as an attachment.

    Anything in there that shouldn't be? I looked it over and i didn't really see anything bad...This has just got me stumped. I downloaded Total Commander just so I could work with my files. Also I just wanted too thank everyone that's been trying too help me...Everyone seems like very nice people on here and I do appreciate your trying too help me. So any other ideas??

  8. RealBlackStuff

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    You should READ the Read: instructions at the top of each forum!
    They are there for a purpose, you know!

    You have both NetNanny and Cybersitter installed.
    I assume this is not your own PC or that your parents installed these to prevent you from doing anything more than they let you.
    Ask them to 'lift' the restrictions.
  9. DATA98

    DATA98 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Not the problem....

    I installed them for the kids....I uninstalled them too see if that was the problem and it isn't. It still won't let me right click or hit windows key + E too bring up the explorer...

  10. RealBlackStuff

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    I think you should update your graphics card drivers, they are most often the culprit in cases like this. Also, if you have any screensavers on, deactivate them.

    PS: I had not realised you're the daddy :haha:
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