Windows XP Home won't Boot

By wazzaakira
Aug 3, 2006
  1. ok heres the story!! I decided to defrag my 250gb hard drive a few days ago and left it running for 2 days. When i came back all i saw was a blank black screen i tapped around da keyboard and moved da mouse about but nothing happened so i thought ok restart the pc. I restarted then scandisk started running so i let it run then the computer restarted again and scandisk ran again i let scandisk run like 4 more times then thought ok this is not right so i thought i had no choice but to reinstall windows again.I booted from CD and I formatted my C: drive and started the copying of files from the XP boot CD. About 30% the copying stops and says that a certain file cannot be copied properly, retry or skip the file. I retried but no repsonse so i skipped but then the next file has the same problem after a few skips or a few retries i get a blue error screen. I tried booting from CD at least 1- times already and everytime the file it stops on is always different but the percentage is always between 30-40%. I ran the recovery console option. used the chkdsk /r then restarted booted from CD and did the format and installation again but still no luck. At this moment i am Formatting C: from command prompt which i accessed via recovery console option. I tried switchin DVD drives, making copies of my xp cd but still failing to copy files. I checked my 250gb hard drive on my mates computer and everything seems to be there i also even check the hard drive that i am installin windows on and it functional i managed to recover some files using a recovery program but all i want now is for me to be able to reinstall windows back on. I have to boot from CD because if i don i jsut get the NTLDR is missing message which i assume has something to do with not having a Operating System.
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    NTLDR is Short for NT loader, NTLDR is a program loaded from the hard drive boot sector that displays the Microsoft Windows NT startup menu and helps Microsoft Windows NT load. The solution to you problem is to install win98 then up grade to winxp or xppro wich ever you have the only problem you will face is that if your computer is from 00-06 you will most likely have to install your harware manually if it cannot be found by the play-in-plug.
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