Windows Xp install problems!!!

By holyhit2 · 7 replies
Jan 23, 2007
  1. ok well i just replaced my mobo and my cpu.... i still have my hdds though, and i have a copy of windows xp student version. well when i turn on my computer of course it cant load anything, it just says my mobo info, then it says windows encountered and error how would you like to start. and when i put the cd in. nothing happens, or it will say change to proper boot device or enter proper media disk, im totaly stuck. is this not working beucase i have xp home on my hdd and im trying to intsall student vvs??? do i just need to go out and buy a new xp home disk? like it wont even boot up most of the time the cd? plz help me thanks
  2. tomrca

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    re-boot your pc. as your pc is starting press F11 on and off repeatedly. you should get a box showing the present boot order. change that boot order to cd rom first. then insert cd then press ok or enter. the second version is you may get a option at the bottom of your screen saying, to enter bios press DELETE or DEL, the key for this is the delete key to the right of the standard querty keyboard. from there change the boot order as the above .
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    so your saying that my windows xp student version, will work no problems, all i have to do is change my boot order? sound good. umm, if it does not work, that means its not reading the disc then right? so ill have to buy a new disc? cuz i have a full version of xp student burned on cd. and my hdd are fine? like even though they are xp home, when i got to isntall xp student there shall be no problems? if there is and all else fails then resort to buying an xp home disc???? please and thanks
  4. holyhit2

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    anyone help?
  5. peepnklown

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    Change your boot order and if that doesn’t work we can continue to help you.
  6. Ididmyc600

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    XP sometimes wont boot if your Cd is set as slave or master, remove one HD you dont need and put it on the primary master, then put the CD on the secondary IDE and ensure the jumper is set to cable select, then as previously said check the boot order is set to see the CD as the first device.

    I have come across the odd CD rom unit that just wont work as a boot device no matter what you set the jumpers to, if you have a spare CD Rom try that with jumpers set to master, slave or cable select in turn until it boots.

  7. holyhit2

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    could it possibly be the cd?? i tried the cd in my other computer and to no avail it didnt load anything up either.. so could the problem be the disc, i forgot to mention that i have a burned copy of windows xp student vs i dled off the bet. so could that be the problem?? cuz when i put my old emachines disks in it runs and gives me options of restoring etc. but i cant cuz i changed mobo and stuff so i just stopps and says error. so i guess a burned disc wont work? i need and actaull xp cd?
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    you cannot use a hard disk with XP on it with a new motherboard. XP configures itself to each motherboard. Also it is licensed for only one motherboard. You will need to reformat and reinstall and call microsoft to get a new key.
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