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windows xp keeps crashing

By harleycharlie ยท 9 replies
Jan 2, 2004
  1. when I use xp for normal operations everything is fine but when i play internet games the computer keeps crashing and I am at a lose. Any help to steer me in the right direction would be appreciated.

    The error reads:
    dccode: d1 BCP1 80000038 BCP2 000000002 BCP3 00000000 BCP4 F7CE7861 OSVER 5_1_2600 SP 1_0 Product 768_1.
  2. harleycharlie

    harleycharlie TS Rookie Topic Starter

    also does anyone know if there is a site that i can run these errors against to see what they are? thanks
  3. crashtest

    crashtest TS Rookie

    hey harlycharlie

    i get the same error when i play bf1942 online, no luck in finding out how to fix it so far. hope someone replyes cos its driving me nuts. same thing everything works fine untill i start playing online.

    if i find anything ill tell you.
  4. Masque

    Masque TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,058

    How about some system specs? At least that way we can possibly help eliminate some areas.

    And welcome to TechSpot to both of you! :grinthumb Hope you enjoy your stay.
  5. crashtest

    crashtest TS Rookie

    thanks Masque

    athlon 2600
    soltek sl75mrn
    fx5900 stock
    1 gig pc2700 ram
    2x80 hd
    samsung cd rom
    benq burner
    400watt ps
    d-link 200 adsl modem

    when it crashes its either a black screen and buzzing and have to reboot or i get the blue screen with the error message. allways online playing games "exept lately its crashed a couple of times when playing winamp streaming audio" it seems to crash the same but diff error messages but the 80000038 is the most common

    hope someone can help cos ive been going around in circles looking for an answer "tryed heaps of forems, microsoft web, looked on the web" and then came across harleycharlies message with the same problemb"haleluya"
  6. Masque

    Masque TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,058

    What type of sound card or is it onboard sound?
  7. Steverz

    Steverz TS Rookie Posts: 51

    Your problem may very well be in the Sound Card drivers, as the previous poster mentioned. Go to the sound card manufacturer and download their drivers, even if the drivers you have appear new. Give it a try. The other thing to consider is some kind of "resource conflict". View your items in the Device Manager.
  8. crashtest

    crashtest TS Rookie

    yer sorry guys, got a soundblaster 5.1 card. funny you should say that because ive had a funny feeling its the soundcard . i downloaded the latest drivers from creative about 2 weeks ago but it didnt make any difference, still crashing. thought of sound card because of winamp crashing and the buzzing sound.

    looked in device manager and dont see any conflicts. one thing ive found last night and am embarresd to say is that it looks like my d-link usb2 modem isnt pluged into a usb2 socket. i originallly pluged it into the mainboard usb socket thinking it was usb2 but its 1.11 somthing. ive got a 4 port usb2 pci card and am switching it to that to see it it makes any diff. do you think this would be the cause of all my probs? "it sure wouldnt help i spose"
  9. crashtest

    crashtest TS Rookie

    ok the village ***** returns, :)

    as i said i got the drivers from creative, but just then i was looking through this site and found the creative soundblaster 5.1 hot fix so i downloaded it and tryed to install. i got a message saying the drivers detected are not supported dy this fix. hmmm.

    ok so i gotta find the right drivers which i thought i had from creative. sorry im a noob to computers and spend most of my time fixing my stuffups but i learn somthing at least.

    so im assuming i have the wrong drivers??
  10. crashtest

    crashtest TS Rookie

    if your still around harlycharlie i found something,

    ive got a creative 5.1 live card and ive disabled "creative service for cdrom acsess" and i havent had a crash for 2 days. have no idear why this would make a difference but it seems to have.

    i did it because i ran a full test at pc-pitstop and i had 5 services at startup that wernt needed at all "creative cdrom acsess" was one of them and i started with disaabeling it first and ran my comp for a day playing games online and no crashes so i disabled the rest and 2 days of crash free gaming.
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