Windows XP not accepting itunes!

By Infested_Raynor ยท 4 replies
Dec 20, 2006
  1. Hey dudes, haven't been on in a while again.. but i came across this weird problem that i've never had before. So... lets start from the begining:

    I have windows xp, and i preferred Itunes over Windows media player. So i downloaded Itunes and installed it and had no problems with it. I recently reformatted my pc cause it was fuill of **** and gettin slow. One xp was re-installed and everything was alright and good to go, i went and downloadede Itunes 7.0.2 and now, it does not want to open. When i press CTRL+ALT+DEL, and go to "processes" it shows Itunes is there, but its really not open. This is incredibely annoying as i now have an Ipod Nano and can't realy upload music to it. This problem occured to my dad as well, and when he tried to uninstall Itunes, it completely screwed his computer up. He thinks he may have to format and lose all the valuable info on his comp cause of the dumb itunes. Please help. I have tried MANY things and my computer just seems not to want to cooperate with Itunes... Help please, Vince
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    Messed up Itunes Vs. Stupid XP

    Hey man, thanks but it didn't solve it :(... My error is messed up. It will do this:
    1. i click on itunes to open it
    2. the hourglass pops up, then dissapears and thats it.
    3. after that, the orange(blue in my case) light goes on, and stays on.
    4. If i try to open any programs, it just doens't open them.

    If you can help me, or if ANYONE can help me i'd greatly appreciate it becasue its been like 4 months now, and I can't seem to find the "common cure" for this problem. Thanks, Vince.

    My Specs are in my profile, but heres a quick overview
    Intel Pentium 4, 1.7 Ghz CPU
    Via P4M4 Mobo
    Nvidia 6600LE Graphics
    512 Mbs of DDR Ram
    Windows XP ( Version 2002, w/ SP2.)
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    uninstall it
    run crap cleaner
    ensure your anti-trojan horse program isn't blocking installation. Itunes is considered a trojan by some anti-spyware apps.
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    Just try uninstalling it, and then restalling it . Or do you know if you have quicktime aswell ?
    itunes will not work properly if you do not have quicktime installed aswell
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