Windows XP not loading

By Pryme
Jul 6, 2007
  1. My computer is not loading Windows XP. I was cleaning it of downloader.trojan and W32.Funlove.4099.dr viruses yesterday and I managed to clean it of Funlove. It had been shut down and restarted and used both yesterday evening and this morning with out changing anything and it worked fine. Earlier today I was in the process of trying to rid it of the downloader. I went into msconfig and selected the option /SAFEBOOT on the BOOT.INI tab. I then attempted to restart the computer. It now says that Windows did not start succesfully and it gives me several options (safe mode, safe mode with command prompt, last known config, etc.). I tried all of them and none of them worked. I also tried the tutorial on this site to repair windows with service pack 2. I didn't watch the whole process but this did not work either. Every time it tries to load windows it just flickers a blue screen and starts the boot process all over again.

    Can anyone help me? Thanks so much.

  2. CCT

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    To do a Repair Install you need the bios set to boot from cd before the hard drive.

    Then, put the XP cd in the drive, close the door and boot.
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