Windows XP on SATA drive

By avick · 25 replies
Mar 21, 2005
  1. I have just built my first system and was excited when it started up for the first time. However this was very short lived.

    I can't get Win XP Pro to install on my SATA hard drive (Just the one in the system)

    I have tried to download the right drivers to load at the F6 promt but windows just keeps trying to reinstall its self over the previous try. what do I need to install to get Windows to load.

    I have a Giga-byte K8NXP-9 motherboard with 4 SATA_SB connectors on it and 4 SATA_SII. The SATA HDD is connected to the SATA0_SB connector. When I tried to connect it to the SATA0_SII connector it was not detected.

    The Hard drive is a Seagate Barracuda 120GB drive.

    ** My Boot seq is HDD, Floppy , CD ROM (SCSI is not listed) with the SATA HDD connected to SATA0_SB I also have the choice U¬5oJ. when connected to the SATA0_SII this choice is gone **

    Please Please Help ......... I have been at it for 6 hours now
  2. Digisol

    Digisol TS Rookie

    XP always boots first from the CD, HDD and then floppy, no exceptions even with raid.

    I have three boxes on RAID, all different both AMD and Intel, all run XP Pro, all boot from the CD first.

    Sounds as if your using a raid driver for a non raided system, that will never work as once it can't find the second drive it will freak out and drop the ball as no raid array exists.

    I am unfamiliar with that particular board but it may have 2 sets of SATA raid connections, if not the setup and the driver your using is the problem, no raid ? then dissable the raid in the BIOS menu so it's not looking for what does not exist.

    If the SATA connections will support a single drive, it should then boot as per any normal XP based system, but the CD must be first boot or it will never install the O/S.

    Dissable the raid, it will then stop asking for a raid driver, and treat it as a conventional system and try again.

    SCSI and raided drives will never show in the boot up menu, don't fret it will show in device manager.
  3. triplate

    triplate TS Rookie Posts: 134

    "XP always boots first from the CD, HDD and then floppy, no exceptions "" do figure that??...The Bios will boot each drive in succession till it finds the Boot.ini.....
  4. Justin

    Justin TS Rookie Posts: 942

    What are you talking about? The BIOS determines the boot order, not the OS.

    What? Onboard SCSI controllers should/do appear as options for the boot order. Onboard hardware RAID will appear to. Sometimes there are generic SCSI boot options for external controllers.

    You lose.
  5. Digisol

    Digisol TS Rookie

    And if your HDD has no O/S what will happen ? Nothing but "missing O/S"

    Floppy inserted ? when it finds the floppy you will get the same message, "no O/S installel or some other nasty NTFS missing or similar.

    It's a simple theory, do it once, the right way, and save a heap of drama.

    Toss in a raided system for your total and complete confusion, BTW that sound you hear now is me laughing.

    Unfortunately while in essence that may be true in very rough terms, depending on what is on / in the particular drives during boot, be it a RAID "or lack of" problem as it may well be, it's usually advised to do it by the book.

    It's then CD - HDD - Floppy, sorry to dissapoint.

    When your answering the guys question fine, please do so if you can, however if you don't understand RAID principles, flaming me will do diddley to help the guy.
  6. triplate

    triplate TS Rookie Posts: 134

    No..fraid not,, missed it chief.
  7. nickc

    nickc TechSpot Paladin Posts: 923   +11

    deffinately missed it, Dig check your bios that can be changed on any system....
  8. avick

    avick TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I finally got my system up and running.
    Put an IDE Hard drive in and installed windows on that.

    When this was complete I then petitioned my Seagate SATA into 3 drives
    Everything seemed to work OK.

    Then I installed the Gigabyte driver disk to put some software in.
    Restarted windows and I could not see my SATA hard drive. Boy did I panic!!

    I went into the bios and disabled the RAID function and the drive reapeared again.

    I also had a bit of a problem with my Linksys USB wireless network adaptor and my USB ports. These where working fine before the driver install then they would not pickup anything I connected. I rolled back the usb driver and it seems to be fine again.

    At this point I am unsure as to what I should do. Should I reinstall XP now before I put all my software on or just stick with what I have now and begin the long process of adding my software!!!!!!!!!

    The upside is, I plan on installing my software only on the SATA hard drive so if I do need to format C: its only the Op Sys that will be going. The main reason I got the IDE.
  9. Robert_in_hou_t

    Robert_in_hou_t TS Rookie

    Can't install windows xp until I load sata drivers.

    I have a GA_8ANXP-D with a WD 160g SATA and I was also not able to find the drivers that the system needed. I went to the Gigabyte wedsite to download the current drivers but it ended up being an application that did nothing. I contacted gigabyte and here is there respose: (Computer was up and installing windows xp in just minutes)

    Please use the sata connectors on the bottom of the board.
    Please make sure that during POST it does detect the hdd during the silicon image raid bios scan. You will need to enter the Raid bios and set it to JBOD. From there make sure you load the sil3114 driver onto a floppy from the motherboard utility CD by browsing through " BOOTDRV" selecting " Menu" select the option for Sil3114 and it'll automatically copy all the files onto a floppy diskette, from there boot up from Windows 2000 or XP cd and press F6 after press any key to boot from CD and prses S to specify driver then follow on with installation of windows.

    Thank you

    Question - 187345
    From : Robert
    Sent : 2005/3/12 02:52
    Question : Can't install windows xp until I load sata drivers.

    The file I downloaded from the gigabyter website is an application file. I believe I need several files including the txtsetup.oem file. I tried to open the application but my system would not open it.

    Where can I get a copy of the files to put on my floppy so I can f6 during the windows intall and load the needed drivers?

    you detailed explanation is greatly appreciated. This is my first build.
  10. triplate

    triplate TS Rookie Posts: 134

  11. SNGX1275

    SNGX1275 TS Forces Special Posts: 10,742   +422

    You, sir, are an *****. The OS installed has absolutely nothing to do with the boot order of devices. By defination its that way. How can you start an OS without having the computer know where to look? It just so happens most people and most store bought comps have it set up to check cd first, but I'm not sure where you are getting the idea it checks hd next, but in any case its irrevelant because all of this is configurable in the BIOS.

    So trying to say someone doesn't understand RAID principles amuses me, because it seems you are not understanding something much more basic. So I say in this case "flaming" you is doing more to help because its pointing out your lack of knowledge on how a computer boots up an OS.
  12. Merc14

    Merc14 TS Rookie Posts: 171

    Boot order is set in the BIOS. Sounds like he loaded the SATA RAID drives (F6 early on in XP install) then didn't install a SATA RAID Build. F6 on XP install is for RAID 0-5 cofigurations, not just a 1 HDD system. Should've skipped that step in XP install. Should be able to just disable this in the boot sequence then let XP recognize the drive off the SATA controller as normal in the boot process.
  13. Mart64

    Mart64 TS Rookie

    Not sure if I understand you. It seems that most onboard or additional controllers for SATA also act as RAID controllers and confusingly their drivers include the word "RAID" as part of the name regardless of whether they are working as single HDD or RAID. Thats probably down to this stuff being made in Taiwan or Vietnam, the language used in the manuals is hilarious.

    The problem for SATA appears to be simply that of ensuring that BIOS recognises the controller (usually just by enabling it) and making sure that the SATA controller / drive appears as the boot device. Then when you install the OS you install the SATA/RAID driver so that the drive can be used.

    Sounds so simple...

  14. Merc14

    Merc14 TS Rookie Posts: 171

    ...but from what I have read the F6 step is only if you are building a RAID array. If you aren't going to do RAID 0-5 then let XP load normally without loading the RAID drivers. However, just installing the drivers shouldn't preclude the system operating with only 1 SATA. Needs to adjust the BIOS in some way.
  15. triplate

    triplate TS Rookie Posts: 134

    Not true...any time you use a SATA need to first install the fact, XPPro Beta wont even load to a SATA because it "cant" see the SATA driver at install. ;)
  16. triplate

    triplate TS Rookie Posts: 134

    I meant to say XPPro 64bit Beta...;)
  17. elfinster

    elfinster TS Rookie

    Actually I just set up a SATA hard drive on a computer running phoenix BIOS. Windows wouldn't detect the hard drive and it didn't come with any drivers. (Its a Maxtor Diamond 9). I had to set an option in the BIOS to use the drive as an IDE as opposed to a RAID array.
  18. triplate

    triplate TS Rookie Posts: 134

    I hear that later versions of XP (sp2) come with native SATA drivers..cant confirm tho.
  19. Mart64

    Mart64 TS Rookie

    I wish someone would...

    I am very confused. My SATA controller chipset is the Intel ICH5R and it appears that it can only be installed using the Intel Raid Accelerator application and after this has been run it is possible to get a floppy created so that the F6 button can be pressed and eventually a driver loaded. However, if you don't have a RAID array setup the Raid Accelerator application won't run - "incompatible hardware", and there isn't a SATA driver available in any other form. Even the download for my mobo from MSI doesn't work!!!

    How can I install this damn sata drive to my machine and get Win XP Pro to recognise the drive and install on to it??
  20. triplate

    triplate TS Rookie Posts: 134

    What Northbridge chipset are you using??...use the SATA driver that complies with that...theres only about 4 out there...Via, Promise,Sil Imge, and one more that i forget right now...
  21. Mart64

    Mart64 TS Rookie

    Hi thanks for your reply,

    It s the other one you can't remember ! The MSI 865PE Neo2 FISR (phew!) mobo has two SATA controllers in fact. It has the Intel ICH5R (using the FW82801ER chipset) and the Promise 378. In fact the motherboard came with two floppy disks with drivers for each controller and neither helped Windows XP setup recognise the drive.

    The drive is now working as an additional drive as Windows XP Pro SP2 was happy to setup the drive through the Computer Management tools. It is just Win XP Pro without any service packs that requires a driver that I just cannot get.

  22. triplate

    triplate TS Rookie Posts: 134

    Have you tried connecting the SATA drive to SATA 01 connection??
  23. Mart64

    Mart64 TS Rookie

    i've tried all four actually. The ICH5R controller handles the 2 P-ATA connectors as well as providing SATA 1 and SATA 2 and SATA RAID. The Promise controller handles SATA 3 and SATA 4 as well as SATA RAID.

    I think the problem is with the drivers for Win XP setup. It IS very annoying though.

    I suppose it could be a faulty drive, there have been some apparently.
  24. triplate

    triplate TS Rookie Posts: 134

    I,ve never heard of that which you speak of..somethin aint right...
  25. Mart64

    Mart64 TS Rookie

    well I'm pretty open to any suggestions...

    Interestingly enough MSI do provide a web point with all drivers and software for this particular mobo but I can't get the Intel Advanced Application installer thingy to recognise my hardware so there is definately something wrong...

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