Windows XP Pro Keeps Repeatedly Crashing - Please help!

By WiggyUK
Feb 4, 2006
  1. Hey.

    Well my computer is doing just what the title says. Here are the specs of my PC that is doing this:
    Hard Disk: Maxtor 300gb SATA
    Processor: AMD Athlon X" Dual Core 4800+
    RAM: 2048mb
    GPU: 2x nVidia GeForce 6800 256mb
    Sound Card: Creative Soundblaster 2 ZS Platinum

    The symptoms of the issue:
    Whilst my computer has been on for a while, it crashes so I have to switch it off by holding the power button. It goes off then I try to boot it back up again. When it does it gives me "Disk error occured hold ctrl+alt+delete to restart" or "System disk error" (this is just before XP should load).
    If I switch the computer off at the mains and leave it for a little while and switch it back on it doesn't display those messages. It comes up with the black screen which says your computer has been turned off because of a power failure etc. and gives a list of options. If I press Start Windows Normally it just hangs there and doesn't load. The option recently used setting that works does the same. Safe mode doesn't work either.

    This has been causing me some trouble for a while. Previously I formatted my PC as it done this for a while and everything was fine for a couple of days but then it happens again after I install my drivers and software.

    Please help me!
    Many thanks, Danny. :giddy:
  2. WiggyUK

    WiggyUK TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hey, not that you guys care anyway but I think I have found out how to solve the issue. I took off the side of my PC case while it was running and noticed the graphic cards were disturbingly hot and it worked fine while the side was actaully off. I am now going to install liquid cooling rather than relying on my lazy fans lol.

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