Windows XP Pro SP2 - explorer not recognizing mass storage

By crazycaddy
Feb 28, 2006
  1. Ok this problem is driving me nuts.
    I recently upgraded to xp pro sp2 (from home). Before I used my ipod and flash disk on home (mass storage).
    After installing xp pro i found that it couldn't recognize them in explorer!!.

    Heres what i have tried and other info:

    • I have installed the latest chipset drivers
    • Tried removing all USB devices and rebooting
    • Tried using other usb flash sticks
    • all other usb devices DO work, just mass storage that doesnt

    Computer info:

    • Windows xp pro sp2
    • Dell dimension 4600

    All help will be much appreciated


    I can access the drive only through disk manager.

    I think its got something to do with windows not automatically assigning a drive letter on startup.
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