windows xp problem i think

By etones
Aug 4, 2005
  1. i reinstalled windows xp on my dell, after i reinstalled it i installed all the updates including sp2. then i restarted my pc, when i got to the login screen the pc shut down then restarted then did the same thing over and over again. and its still doing it. one thing i have noticed is that when i turn it on it displays all of the hardware connected to my pc e.g. cd drive, keyboard etc. and its never done that before. help
  2. Kev32

    Kev32 TS Rookie Posts: 75

    Check your BIOS for inconsistencies. I know after I built my PC I accidentally set the CPU to 3000+ when it should have been 3200+, this for some odd reason created an infinite reboot loop when ever it got to Windows start up.
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