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By pals08609
Aug 9, 2002
  1. Can I Backup My Original Windows XP Professional CD in case it goes faulty?
    I have made several attempts, but the backups do not boot up like the original, but do boot up with a recovery set of floppy disk
    How and what can I back this up with which will enable the CD to work like my original? has any body got any ideas?
  2. Phantasm66

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    perhaps what you are doing is, when trying to create the CD, creating a new CD project and then dragging the files from the XP CD to the CD layout? yes?

    What you really need to do is just use the CD-writing software's CD copy function, which will copy the CD as a whole including its boot environment.

    What CD writing software are you using?

    In any case, you can use the XP CD to make boot disks which can then start the installation process from a CD which is not bootable.
  3. pals08609

    pals08609 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hi and thanks
    I'm using Nero without success
  4. Rick

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    You'll want to choose "CD Copy" to copy it to your hard disk (or off of another CDROM) and then burn it directly to a CD using your CD recorder. This doesn't just copy the files, but makes an exact image of the CD, including the file system and boot sector.

    If your nero software supports it, you may want to use RAW mode and Disc At Once / 96 if available, because I've heard older versions of Nero had trouble correctly burning bootable Windows XP CDs.

    If all else fails, I wrote a guide to making an XP CD bootable that I will post if you cannot properly copy it as described above.
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