Windows xp restart file missing.

By wannabee333
Mar 27, 2006
  1. Right here we go its long winded but i feel its better to explain the whole thing.
    Recently inherited a used computer with a copy of xp pro (unregistered) on it.Took that off reformatted and started to reinstall registered version of xp home (SP1 included) that came with the machine.
    Installs fine then on reboot comes up with file missing error "insert SP1 into drive".
    Install into drive and then continues to ask for SP1 again.
    I have copied SP1 to disc from MS site as well and still doesnt recognise it.
    I thought i would try to reformat drive again and reinstall.
    I have tried the six floppy disc install as well, no joy.
    Put windows 98 boot disc in get the command screen up try to reformat the drive and get "invalid drive specification".
    Tried CHKDSK comes up with bad command in fact its not recognising commands.
    Im at my wits end and run out of ideas.

    abit va10 motherboard
    amd 2600 processesor
    526K ram
    ATI graphics card

  2. gustav

    gustav TS Rookie

    Wits end

    I am going to guess that your C Drive was formatted to NTFS when Win Xp was installed on it. This means that no Dos based programs like your Win 98 boot disk will be able to see it Hence you get the Invalid Drive message.
    You will have to set your Bios to Boot from the CD Rom then put in your Win XP Home and start again it should boot from the CD and load correctly.
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