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Dec 8, 2004
  1. My laptop is running the subject OS with Norton Firewall (unregistered).

    The problem is that I have selected Windows firewall to be off, but it is still active. I believe that is why I cannot register Nortons Fiirewall.

    The question is how to turn the Windows firewall off through the registry.


  2. Nodsu

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    No need to go to registry.. Just go to Services and stop+disable the Windows Firewall service.
  3. clazman

    clazman TS Rookie Topic Starter

    How come questions are not read?

    I stated that I have set the Firewall services to "OFF" but the firewall is still shown as "ON".

  4. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    You did not say you had turned the firewall service off.

    If you mean that the firewall is shown as "ON" in the Security Center then it is because SC recognises the Norton firewall and kindly informs you that it is working.
  5. clazman

    clazman TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Please accept my apologies for being so short. I have been quite frustrated of late. This laptop I purchased thru eBay from what I thought was a valued person, one who has ignored me.

    I have found that this laptop by which I am writing to you, one whose hard drive I have formatted, one that contains no data from the original owner, one that has only my data, is a laptop whose BIOS I cannot configure. This is due to the questionable infinite wisdom of Dell and whoever developed the policy that disallows the access to the BIOS administrator password to anyone other than the registered owner. This policy is protecting no one. It has not protected the registered owner from me. That persons data is gone forever into the infinite ether.

    Anyway, now to the original reason for this post.

    Your comment is interesting. That is, that my desktop PC, with its identical install to this laptop, is not responding as you say. I have set the Windows firewall to OFF and it indicates OFF. The Norton firewall is ON.

    Also, prior to formatting this laptops hardrive and installing my stuff, the Windows firewall responded identical to the desktop PC. The Windows firewall was set to OFF and is indicated same.

    Your comment runs contrary to two installs. Can you understand my concern? I could only assume that there was something wrong with this install, one which you say is correct.

    If it is correct then what is wong with my desktop?

    Again, please forgive my behavior.

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