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Windows XP startup problem (black screen)

By sk1ttl3s ยท 103 replies
Dec 30, 2004
  1. hey theres a problem with something i dunno what i tried to fix the problem by reformatting my comp and installing windows xp fresh but it didnt help

    when windows xp loads it shows the screen "windows xp home edition"
    then the loading bar that is moving

    then after theres a black screen, while i still see the black screen the windows song comes on
    it is still the black screen then my msn comes on but i dun see it just hear it and people msging me so everything is working in the background but i still see a black screen

    i tried moving the mouse it wont work so i sit hear moving the mouse for like 2-3 hours and it finally comes on

    it differs in time from 15 minutes to 6 hours ++++

    i dunoo whats up someone help me everything is working everything is loading i think but theres a black screen that wont let me see ne thing

    theres nuttin wrong witht he moniter cause i can see the windows xp loading screen but after that it turns black

    i formatted everything and the problem still occurs

    someone help me please cause tomorow i dun wanna wait 10 hours to get my comp on

    thank you
  2. Kevin16

    Kevin16 TS Rookie Posts: 91

    might be something wrong with you video card
  3. poertner_1274

    poertner_1274 secroF laicepS topShceT Posts: 3,874

    That would have been my suggestion as well. Your driver might need to be reinstalled to ensure proper loading. But be careful if you have nvidia or ati because you need to use the driver removing utilities to get rid of all components of the driver. Once it is gone, reinstall a good set.

    :wave:Welcome to TechSpot:wave:
  4. Shiney

    Shiney TS Booster Posts: 154

    I agree with the other posts, your graphics card set up is wrong.
    Try removing and reseating the card
    Check all cables from monitor to card are securely fixed
    Remove the driver files for the card
    Use the windows generic vga drivers to see if the problem is definately related to your drivers
    Get the latest bios, and drivers for your card and mobo
    Try reducing the refresh rate of the monitor.
    Press F8 during startup and select use vga mode
    Just a few ideas

    Good Luck
  5. sk1ttl3s

    sk1ttl3s TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thnx im in safe mode right now and it startup up fine i think it is the video card i have an ati rage pro imma try what yall said thnx ez
  6. Refract

    Refract TS Rookie

    same problem here

    I'm in safe mode right now, but it sounds like we are having the same problem.
    This started with me when I installed Nero and rebooted.
    I reinstalled service pack 2/ did a regedit clean/ driver reinstall and still nothing.
    Then someone mentioned installing the new version of Nero to fix it, so I did that and still the same.
  7. rediriger-techs

    rediriger-techs TS Rookie

    I have the same problem !!!

    I have the same problem !!!

    After the logo "Microsoft Windows XP" and the loading bar moving,
    the screen goes black,
    but while I still see the black screen the windows song comes on: Windows is started but I can't see it !

    What is the solution ???

    I can start the computer in "safe mode" or "enable vga mode", i can uninstall the video drivers, install them again : When I reboot everything works fine! But only once ! As soon as I restart it's the black screen again.

    I run Windows XP SP2 with all the latest updates.
    My video card is a Intel 82815 with the latest drivers.

    I'm lost !! Help please !
  8. urbandragon

    urbandragon TS Rookie Posts: 229

    I believe this problem is related to your video/monitors refresh rate... . Depending on the age/quality of your monitor you can run between 60hz and 75 hz. i would recommend anyone that is having this problem boot into safe mode and go to display settings... then choose advanced. then set the refresh rate to 60 hz. this should fix your problem.
  9. romukief

    romukief TS Rookie

    Hi all,
    I was reading this thread I realize I have the same pb now...I did a fresh install of windows xp, install every thing but when I install the nvidia driver (latest) for my asus 6800 ge 256MB, the screen go black with a white dash blinkink in the top left corner.Sometimes the desktop appears again but when I reboot I got a black screen after the windows logo. Sometimes the screen garbled just after the nvidia driver. I don't know what to do?
    Did you solve that issu??
    many thanks
  10. romukief

    romukief TS Rookie

    hi all, just to let you know. I boot ok in safe mode and as soon as I remove the asus 6800ge driver, everythings in fine. My monitor is in 60hz rate, so iI think I should be alright. I stated in vga mode ok as well it is really as soon as I install that nvidia (or asus display driver) that every thing go wrong....I have a 360W PSU (only 1 HDD, 2 DVD players) so it shouldn t be a power pb I think....I saw many thread about that pb but still no solution...any idea someone?? :bounce:
  11. romukief

    romukief TS Rookie

    hi , do you know how th fing the Use windows generic vga drivers
  12. Buradori

    Buradori TS Rookie

    I also have the same problem! I've been trying to figure it out for several weeks now. An external monitor works for a normal boot. With my current display it only works in VGA mode, safe mode or normal mode with my Radeon 9000 driver "disabled in any hardware configuration" in device manager.

    Please keep us posted on any progress any of you may have with this issue.....I'll do the same.

  13. Buradori

    Buradori TS Rookie

    I finally figured it out after 3 weeks!

    I can't believe it was this simple...... For those of you who have laptops especially Dell laptops the problem could very well be....believe it or not....that litttle pin that turns off your screen when you close it.

    The tiny pin right under and in the middle of your display. It should be sticking up straight and out a bit. I took off my control panel on my Dell Inspiron 8500 and I notice that part of the inside piece was broken. You can also use tweezers to pull it out more and see if your screen comes back on.

    It is so odd because my screen worked in VGA and safe mode but not on a normal boot so I thought that for sure it had to be the video card or driver.

    Try it out! It could safe you a lot of time and stress. Let me know how it goes and if you need any further help.

    Good luck!

    and thanks!

    Brad ;)
  14. romukief

    romukief TS Rookie

    Hi Brad,
    I m gald you solve your pb. Mine is different as I don't have a laptop. But it seemed that I have an Hardware pb because I gave my card to a friend to test it a=on his cpter....He had the same pb as me...black screen after windows logo...so I believe now it is harware pb.
    take care
  15. ashen

    ashen TS Rookie


    Thanks... your solution saved us a lot of time and effort.

  16. Buradori

    Buradori TS Rookie

    Glad I could help....

    It was a long, stressful and time-consuming journey for me, I did learn a lot in the process though. I'm glad that I could help you. By the way I tried to fix the small peg by putting a small spring (from a ball pen) in there to help it come back up after closing the screen lid but it didn't work because the plastic housing was broken inside.

    I did buy a new panel for, believe it or not, .79 cents on Ebay, the shipping was about $6 though. I replaced the panel and now I can close my computer with out having the hassle of pulling out the pin with tweezers.

    I also noticed that on the newer panels (the one I bought on Ebay) Dell has seemed to address the problem with having a better constructed peg-housing and a spring.

    Happy computing to you,

  17. jbumbati

    jbumbati TS Rookie

    When I boot into Safe Mode...

    It won't allow me to change any of the advanced settings (I'm trying to change the refresh rate to 60Hz). The only option, which really isn't an option b/c it's the only item in the drop down menu, is to "Use hardware default setting". I'm assuming since I'm using a very old monitor, and the screen goes black after Windows loading, that it's the refresh rate I must fix. I'm running WinXP Pro. Does anybody know how to get this to allow me to change the refresh rate? Thanks.

    Edit: I fixed this by using advanced startup menu (F8), and enabling VGA mode, and once loaded, allowing Windows to automatically change display for optimal settings. I couldn't have gotten this far if not for this forum, so thanks again!
  18. ammcr

    ammcr TS Rookie

    Same problem here, easy fix

    I had exactly the same problem with my NVIDIA card after installing the manufacturer's drivers that came in the CD-ROM.

    Problem description: After Windows XP logo, a black screen with the CRT monitor flashing a green led and the PC working normally.

    Solution: I booted pressing F5 and choosing VGA 640x480 mode. Then I removed the card's drivers. After booting normally, I could choose another resolution using the default drivers from Microsoft.
  19. MattyDienhoff

    MattyDienhoff TS Rookie

    Safe Mode doesn't work

    I'm having the same black screen problem, but windows doesn't seem to start up normally because there are no sounds at all, and pressing the power button doesn't shut down. I haven't installed anything new recently. It was running fine 2 hours ago, locked up and after I reset it started doing this. I can't start in Normal or Safe Mode, it does the same. I waited to see if the display came on and it reset after a while, giving a very short glimpse of a blue screen. At the moment i'm just trying to repair the Windows installation.

    My specs:
    Custom-built desktop PC

    OS: Windows XP SP1
    Processor: AMD AthlonXP 64-bit 3000+
    Graphics: ATI RADEON 9600XT 256MB
    Memory: 1024MB DDR400 RAM
    Display: Tektronix 19" CRT Monitor
  20. dilshod

    dilshod TS Rookie

    Hi all, I have same problem here. I have Dell Inspiron 510m Laptop, couple days ago the screen went black, but everything worked fine, then I removed some updates I had installed and after reboot it worked fine, but today the screen is black again. I tried the pin as Brad suggested, but the pin is working alright.

    Did anyone found a solution to this?
  21. xearon

    xearon TS Rookie

    XP SP2 Upgrade caused black screen

    My issue, unfortunately, was not the laptop pin.

    • Intel has stopped supporting the Intel 82815 Graphics Controller and does not support any OS above XP
    • Upgrading to SP2 causes laptops with 82815 to display a black screen

    Press F8 at startup to use VGA mode and then adjust the video properties manually after you get video and can see the screen

    Does anyone know a third-party driver for Intel 82815 that supports SP2?

    XP SP2
    Dell Inspiron 2500
    Intel 82815 Graphics Controller driver
    Intel Celeron 896 MHz
    256 MB RAM
  22. xearon

    xearon TS Rookie

    If it is truely a driver/SP2 error you are experiencing, try to change your display settings below 1024 x 768. This solved it for me. I dont think there is any third-party driver available so the shelf life of this chipset may be limited as new OS come out.
  23. dilshod

    dilshod TS Rookie


    Changing resolution did not help. Even when I run on lowest resolution the screen stays black.

    My display adapter is Intel 82852/82855 GM/GME Graphics controller, computer specs are Intel Pentium M 1.4 GHZ, 512 RAM.

    Xearon, after starting in VGA mode, how do you go about changing video properties manually? Can u pls show the steps?

  24. pique

    pique TS Rookie


    I'm having exactly the same issue on almost the same system. Anyone have a solution?
  25. N3051M

    N3051M TS Evangelist Posts: 2,094

    MattyDienoff and pique, it sounded very much like a situation i had before, and hopefully your solution might not be as bad as mine.

    A few things to try out (also applies to all desktop users with problem) is to swap parts with another pc, paying most attention to the vga card, psu and mobo, and/or going to basics (cpu, mobo+pc speaker, power, video. everything else unplugged including ram) altho getting windows up and running i dont think will matter if you cant see or hear anything.

    My problem turned out to be a fried motherboard(most likley due to overheating or something wierd), which one day i was using my pc as normal then powered off on me suddenly, and when i tried to get it back running nothing happened (but i still had power and fans running).

    And to the guys that have laptops, the pin thingy that blacks out the screen when its closed is not only limited to dell laptops, as all laptops have them in one shape or form. Usualy its near the base of the screen or hidden inside the hinge, its just a matter of finding it. And with that button activated it will show nothing on the screen, including the bios/startup screens on some laptops.

    Hope this helps some people :)
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