Windows XP will not boot up anymore

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Dec 24, 2007
  1. I decided to restart my laptop and this is where my problem started. Since the restart the laptop will not reboot. It gets as far as the options of start windows normally, at last known settings that worked, in safe mode. I have tried all these options and on doing so the system progresses to the window xp loading screen and this is where it stops. I have tried rebooting from the disk but the reboot does not even get that far as it is stuck on this loading screen. I really do not know what to do, can anyone help?
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    yes you probably need to go into BIOS -> change the boot order so that the CD drive is the primary. Make sure your CD is inserted make sure to save the BIOS setting and reboot. Now you should be able to boot from the windows CD. The first thing I would try after doing this is once the CD loads hit 'R' and press enter -> should take you to the repair screen

    with that option you won't lose your data but you will have to reinstall windows updates
  3. jimlambjr

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    I tried what you suggested and it will still not boot up.
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    Before it goes to the xp loading screen, read the message at the top, it maybe due to recent hardware changes with a damaged driver, or an improper shutdown.

    Do you know of anything you've installed before then, recent hardware changes?

    You may have to pop in your xp disc, and repair windows, but you say that it won't load, try cleaning the disc. Or if you can't access the windows xp disc, when it goes to the black screen, you can access the recovery console by selecting Safe Mode with Command Prompt.

    Description of the Windows XP Recovery Console

    How to start the System Restore tool at a command prompt in Windows XP
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    Sorry if anyof these questions might sound basic or repetitive but have learned is good to be 100% certain of the problem/what you've tried
    1. What make and model laptop do you have?
    2. Did you disconnect all connections/external devices to your laptop before trying to boot?
    3. You said you have tried booting from a CD and it won't boot off of CD?
      • What bootable CD are you trying to use?
      • Have you tried cleaning the CD?
      • Have you ever booted from CD before? Are the instructions for booting from CD others posted new for you?
      • Any indication from the screen bootup messages it's trying the CD device?
  6. jimlambjr

    jimlambjr TS Rookie Topic Starter

    windows xp will not boot up

    My laptop is a Cybermaxx ( Medion ) MD41349. I have disconnected all external devices prior to rebooting. I am using the operating system disk supplied by the manufacturer. I have cleaned the disk. I have previously used this disk to reinstall windows. The instructions that others have posted are the same. When the computer tries to boot up it always proceeds to the black screen with the options of booting up normally. If I select this option the bootup only goes as far as the windows xp loading screen. If I select any of the safe modes a lot of information is displayed. The info. is; multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS\System32\DRIVERS\. After drivers various other pieces of information are displyed. E.G. ACPI.sys, WMILIB.SYS,pci.sys, isapnp.sys, ohci1394.sys, compbatt.sys, BATTC.SYS and many more. So as you can see I Can't even start in any of the safe modes either.
  7. davidbugeja

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    I have had this kind of problem. Tell me which file is the system stopping on when restarting your Operating System in safe mode.

    My guess is a file has gone corrupt. I have a specialized software that will take some ages to run but it is like an Operating System that boots and checks to recover all files that might have gone corrupted. This software has managed to boot unbootable windows 98% of the times.

    Let me know which file you are getting stuck on please so i can try to help you further.
  8. LookinAround

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    OK. Took a bit to find the right site (please confirm this is the site for the company that built your laptop). There have been several "other" Cybermaxs that have gone out of business!

    First thing, i am assuming you know how to get into your system's BIOS, move through the BIOS's pages to display its various settings and you also know how to change settings? When done, you know how to SAVE all the BIOS changes before you exit? Try the following if you answer YES to the above.

    Now, power up your notebook and get into the BIOS so we can review/change some settings
    1. Find the BIOS setting for boot order. It should offer you a pre-set list of choices.
      • If i found the right documentation, your laptop comes with a pre-installed recovery partition. Does one of the BIOS boot choices say Recovery or something to that affect? If yes, set it to boot from the Recovery Partition
      • If you don't believe you see that option, how many options does it offer? and let me know what it says for each boot option
    2. If you happen to see the BIOS version number (as well as any other BIOS specific info) jot it down. Would want that if booting from recovery partition doesn't work.
    3. Be sure to SAVE your changes before exitting BIOS and you should (hopefully) boot from the recovery partition
    4. Once you are able to run commands, the very first command should be chkdsk to scan your drive, check file integrity and fix any file problems. A the prompt enter chkdsk c: /f This assumes all your boot and operating system stuff is on your c: volume as is typically the case.
    Chkdsk is often the only thing needed to correct your type of problem.
  9. jimlambjr

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    I checked the boot options. There are three options. 1) From CD-ROM Drive 2) From Removeable Devices 3) From Hard Drive. When I highlight over them there are no options displayed. BIOS Version: 1.0D-1204-0713. I am not sure which file the reboot in safe mode is getting stuck on as there are so many files showing up. Thanks for all your help.
  10. davidbugeja

    davidbugeja TS Rookie

    The last file that is displayed before it goes restarting again. Which is it?
  11. LookinAround

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    From what you described, it sounds like you are looking at the list of devices to check for a boot program (and the order to check them) on bootup. It's currently defined as: CD, Removeable devices and then Hard Drive.

    I'm guessing there are hints at the bottom of each BIOS screen telling you what keys are valid for that screen. But i'll guess at what you need do to change a parameter / scroll through its options / then save or ignore any changes. (BTW. I'd expect the device options are the same for each of the three. Is your choice which device and in which order you want to check for boot programs).

    To see the option choices for each of the three try the following.
    1. Put the cursor over a choice to highlight it
    2. Then hit Enter. Only after hitting Enter while the BIOS parameter is highlighted will you be allowed to change it (or scroll thru its options)
    3. Try using the left and right arrow keys to scroll through the options for the parameter. See anything choices other then CD, Removeable and Hard Drive as you left/right arrow through them?
    4. Will also guess now hitting Enter while in change mode will save the current parameter setting. Hitting Escape will leave it as it was. Again, look for hints at bottom of BIOS screen.
    5. When it comes time to exit the BIOS menu, EScape would probalby ignore any changes. Usually Enter or some function key to save BIOS settings and continue.
    6. Just be careful of anything you change if you make changes

    Am hoping you have a recovery partition n your drive and an option to boot from it (would be easiest). Otherwise, you'll need to get one of the boot devices working before you even have the option of running any type of diagnostic or recovery software.
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