Windows XP will not load at all BSOD

By phe
Apr 2, 2007
  1. hello, today i have come accross a problem that i hope somebody else across these forums have encountered.

    i was trying to install a new adsl connection so what i did was turn off the computer, then the switch on the tower, followed by the switch at the powerpoint.

    after i turned everything back on, there was an error with the CMOS, it had been reset. I went to cmos and changed the date and time back to what it should be ( it was set back to 2004). after this i tried to load up the system, and it asks me if i want to start windows in safemode blah blah blah. i chose safe mode first. but after it trying to load it just resets after loading.

    after this i tried everything i could think of even changing my ram to see if i had fried my ram. but still the system wont load.

    so then i tried to format and reinstall windows i load the cd and wait for the windows install cd to load, as soon as it finishes loading, the cd rom stops and then i get a blue screen with the error c0000221 unknown hard error or something and some ntdll.dll i think following it.

    the computer was completely fine before i turned off the power... so im thinking maybe it might be my HDD, PSU or MB.

    If anybody knows to fix this problem or have come across it please let me know, so i can decide on what to replace.

    thank you in advance
  2. russ

    russ TS Rookie Posts: 39

    I would say that things are not being loaded into memory correctly. I know you said that you checked your memory but I have had a similar problem and it was with memory. Try a "live cd" like Knoppix or Puppy to see if it will load into memory and run.
  3. phe

    phe TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thank you for your post russ. i have not figured out what caused the problem but i have fixed the problem. i dont know what i did, but i seriously thought it was my hardrive so i went and bought a brand new one.... turns out i didnt need to i came home installing the new hdd and i also had a new windows xp cd. it turns out the cd wasnt working properly so thats why i had the error. that solved the problem with windows not being able to be installed.

    something must have been loose or something in the wires so i think connecting them again made it work again.
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