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windows xp64 boot problem, stuck on welcome screen

By P99er
Oct 5, 2005
  1. So i put a computer together this summer, I went to the AMD/Microsoft "tech tour" and purchased an Asus A8N-E socket 939 mobo with Athlon 64 bit processor and Windows XP64 Pro. I then bought a SATA 150 HD, video card, etc. and put it together in a nifty case with all kinds of LEDs.

    The computer worked great for about a week and a half. Then one day it just got stuck on the welcome screen. rebooted, same thing. Left it alone for a few hours, fired it up, same thing. Then i left it on, and it ended up booting up after several hours, but it was running sooooooooo bloody slow i couldn't do anything except hold the power button and shut it off.

    came back to it a day later, and it booted up just fine...but then not more than a few days later, i was stuck again on the welcome screen.

    I repaired windows, and it worked for a few days...then i reinstalled windows, formatted the HD, and it worked...again only for a few days.

    Here i am about 6 weeks, 12 bottles of asprin, and many renstalls later, i am not getting anywhere...I even tried installing it on a IDE HD in case there was something wrong with the SATA.

    It seems like reinstalling windows buys me about a 4-7 days of a functional computer, but then it is right back to square zero.

    Any ideas? could it be a hardware or software problem? A buddy of mine went to the same convention and has the same mobo/processor, but his works fine. I am not a super computer guy or anything, so any help would be appreciated

  2. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    I assume you realize that you are working on an unfinished, untested, unsupported system, for which there are practically no drivers available, and hardly any software?
    Dump that crap and install the normal 32-bit XP Home or XP Pro, like the rest of us.
  3. WIZz

    WIZz TS Rookie

    Yes windows xp has been doing this recently and i think its a flaw in winxp, i used to have this problem when i had norton anti virus installed but haven't used that in 3 years and haven't had this problem in as long, winxp is a breeding ground for bugs thats why xp should classed as a beta operating system imo.

    I would use system restore and go back but "another bug" xp decided to do its delete of the restore files after trying to extract an iso it tried to cache the extraction to the temp folder and ran out of room.

    winxp is so useless.
  4. hovtrane

    hovtrane TS Rookie

    Check the audio driver

    I have the same system from the AMD Tech Tour and it is the Onboard audio chip drivers causing the problem.

    Disable the chip from the bios and restart and computer, it should work fine from there.

    After that your best bet is just getting a PCI sound card that supports XP64, that should work fine, I wouldn't trust the Realtek chip.
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