Windows2000 & Pci-e graphic card true color(32-bit) display problem..Pls help..

By sky82
Feb 3, 2007
  1. Hello, I have an en7300 geforce graphic motherboard is Asus P5LD2SE/C and my operating system is Windows2000 server service pack 4. I have successfully installed my graphic card to operating system but the problem is, i can't see the colors in 32-bit mode. I set the colors to 32-bit from display properties but it doesn't work.It looks that it's 32-bit in the display properties but it always displays maximum 16-bit colors.I mean there is no difference between 16 and 32 bits. I've installed latest drivers for both graphic card and the motherboard and its still the same.How can i solve this problem?
    Note:I've installed another pci-e card and i still have the same problem.And my monitor is ok.i've tested it with another computer.
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