WindowsXP SP2 Help

By SturmteK
Sep 19, 2004
  1. Hello Friends.
    I noticed that there is not much discussion on techspot regarding WindowsXP SP2.
    I just downloadded it a few minutes ago, the installation went smooth, (although it took a little while because SP2 backs up files).
    Second, not all that much has changed. Windows Firewall, which is almost usless because I would belive 99% of pople on broadband already use other Firewalls. Second, it adds a Anti-virus, which in my opinion is not a bad idea. Another well worth addon is the Internet Explorers "Disable pop-ups" option.
    For me, everything works, the firewall does not interfer with my Zone alarm.
    But I do have a few question about the SP2. While the install, it backed up a LOT of files. Is there any way of deleting this backup, because the installation went ok, and the backup is not needed. (I dont like useless junk cluttering up my harddrive).
    Second, is there any way of turning off the Windows Security Center icon from running in my taskbar? Its really usless because I dont neet to be constantly reminded to turn on automatic updates.
    Thanks to all who contribute.
    P.S. Feel free to post your opinions on the SP2 as well as your questions and answers.
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