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Winfast tv2000 xp deluxe capture card

By Maneater ยท 18 replies
Jan 7, 2006
  1. I recently installed an AGP card (9200se 128mb with tv out). Since then my sound card and capture card would not work. I uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled them and fixed up the sound card problem, however my winfast drivers will not install again using the original install disk so I physically removed the tv capture card and re-positioned it into another pci slot now according to the device manager the card is there but no driver. The two hardware error messges I get are for multimedia controller and multimedia video controller. I have put in the cd for the capture card and tried to reinstall the programs/drivers etc but an error message comes up saying NOT SUPPORTED 4121241212. The capture cards is a Winfast TV2000 xp deluxe and was working before I installed the AGP card. I even tried letting the system find the drivers over the net but to no avail.

    Hopefully I have explained myself so one of you knowledgeable people can find me a solution. Thanks very much appreciated.

    PUTALE TS Rookie Posts: 126

    Have you gone to the website and download the latest driver for the video card as well as your capture cards?
  3. Maneater

    Maneater TS Rookie Topic Starter

    winfast tv 2000 xp deluxe

    Yes, but the system will not recognise the new driver either. Is their a generic driver that may work?

    PUTALE TS Rookie Posts: 126

    i am not sure about the generic driver. It's odd as it was working. Have you try to use window's build in search for driver to see if windows find a compatible driver for the card?
  5. Maneater

    Maneater TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Multimedia Drivers

    If you mean by letting windows check for drivers during the 'found hardware' yes I have and it said it could not find any. Hence my dilemma. Windows wont find it, it doesn't find it on my winfast driver CD.

    Could their be some other explanation like onboard video trying to load that driver and that is why the winfast one wont load? This has only happened since the ATI Radeon 9200SE 128mg AGP card was installed. (I even tried that installation cd for the driver, but its not after that one either. I even looked at BIOS but could not see where onboard video can be disabled.
  6. Maneater

    Maneater TS Rookie Topic Starter


    I also ran the free driver detective program to check and it picked up the drivers that needed updating (bad drivers).

    WinFast TV2000 XP WDM Video Capture
    Multimedia Video Controller
    Multimedia Controller

    These are the drivers it found that need downloading, but I am not a member so cannot not use (or afford) their service to download the drivers.

    PUTALE TS Rookie Posts: 126

    this is the driver for the card:
    http://www.leadtek.com.tw/eng/suppo...downline=WinFast TV 2000 XP (Deluxe / FM / RM)
    PS, I am not quite sure which version of card you ahve, so I just choose one that I think it's right, make sure you select the right one from the site.

    I check the online, apparenlty, you need directx 8 or higher before you can install the driver. Have you did windows update so you have the latest dx? If you didn't, update the dx first. Then install the driver for the card. Then install the program found on the site listed above.
  8. Maneater

    Maneater TS Rookie Topic Starter


    THanks but I had already checked the web site and downloaded the driver needed, however the system would not recognise the driver. I also have DirectX9 installed so thats no problem.

    The found new hardware is asking for multimedia controller and the other one is asking for multimedia video driver. It is not asking for winfast etc. When the drivers were originally installed they were labelled winfast wdm etc in teh device manager but now the device manager only shows the multimedia controller and multimedia video controller with the yellow ! next to them.

    THrough device manager I have looked that these yellow ! ones and they say the device is in pci slot 3 which is the one where the capture card is installed.

    I am at a loss what to do.

    PUTALE TS Rookie Posts: 126

    i guess if all fails, you can always reinstall the system. Maybe during your uninstallation, you remove the MS installation file.
  10. Maneater

    Maneater TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Sorry but I dont understand what you mean. Do you mean reformat and start from scratch? as I have 200gig of programs etc I dont want to have to re-do
  11. PUTALE

    PUTALE TS Rookie Posts: 126

    yeah, that's what I meant. If you want to keep the programs, you coudl try to use the repair option.
  12. Maneater

    Maneater TS Rookie Topic Starter

    driver error

    you mean windows repair?
  13. PUTALE

    PUTALE TS Rookie Posts: 126

    yeah, tha'ts an option that you can try.
  14. Moncho

    Moncho TS Rookie

    dude are You solve this problem, cos i have the same problem, only i did not install anything.

    The same problem..

    Help anyone
  15. hewybo

    hewybo TS Maniac Posts: 435

    Me too

    Good luck, everyone. I've had that card for over a year, now. New mobo, re-installed the card, and no audio. Downloaded driver update, and after four tries, Windows kept saying "there is no information about your device in this file." Four emails back from Leadtek, all saying "install thusly." I thussed four more times with the same result. If anyone finds the answer, I'm all ears!!! :dead:
  16. Evalds

    Evalds TS Rookie

    try to instal latest mainboard chipset drivers. :monkey:
  17. Moncho

    Moncho TS Rookie

    i have solutionnnnnnnnn

    there is a patch from leadtek itself

    for more details visit this link


    or here is step by step.

    You need two files, try find it on http://www.rit.edu/~maw8091/fix_TV2000.zip

    download them, and there is Readme fajl, but here what u need to do .
    EN---Please run tv2kprom.exe in the real DOS mode. ( boot up with DOS mode, not Windows mode) And update your driver again

    to start dos mode, not ms dos command promt, those are diffrent things

    Easyest way is to create MS Windows 98 Se boot disk, here is link http://freepctech.com/pc/002/files010.shtml, choose MS Windows 98 & 98SE,its .exe file, just click on it then just insert floppy disk and wait for while.

    Ok when u make boot up disk u need to copy those two files called DOS4GW.exe and TV2KPROM.exe to boot disk.
    but there is no enough room on disk, so I suggest to erase extract.exe from disk.
    Then restart PC, and make in Motherboard BIOS that first boot device is Floppy Disk, boot up system from floppy disk and

    X:/tv2kprom.exe X is name for floppy disk ( usually is A)
    and press enter to confirm.
    and restart PC and start normaly and then go to install/update driver for TV card.

    This is working for me, hope it will work for u guys.



    P.S. if links dont work just post Yours mail and i'll send You that files :) :wave:
  18. hewybo

    hewybo TS Maniac Posts: 435

    This works!

    If you have this card, and are having trouble with all the DOS stuff, And Win98 stuff, try this-

    It works!! :grinthumb
  19. Moncho

    Moncho TS Rookie

    i solve my problem, problem was in corrupting eeprom on tv card, and then windows did not recognize device and driver couldn't be loaded.

    the solution is in flashing eeprom on tv card, there is copule ways to do it.
    but time to time eeprom gets corrupted, simply eeprom chip on tv card is damaged.

    This is standalone dirvers, thirdparty dirvers, but i want to use manucatures dirvers so ... tnx anyway

    cheers :chef: :chef:
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