By greatman05
Dec 10, 2006
  1. Hey, guys. I know Wingroove is kinda outdated, but I can't seem to install it as a driver under Windows 2000. While the option is selected under the program's setup panel, it isn't shown in Windows' Device Manager. Is there a way to install the Wingroove driver manually, or am I doing something wrong? FYI, I installed this under Windows XP with no problems (could install it as a device driver). If you need the system specs:

    Intel Pentium III 866mHZ
    20GB Western Digital HDD
    2 Optical Drives: HP CDWriter Plus 8000 series 8x4x32x; PIONEER DVD-RJ116 16xDVD/40xCD
    SoundMAX Integrated Audio
    NVIDIA TNT2 Pro 16MB AGP 4X @ 142mHZ core, 166mHZ clock w/ 56.72 Forceware
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