Wininit.exe - wollf.16 trojan?

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Jan 2, 2008
  1. Hi all,
    I was recently looking through my process list for stuff to turn off in the hopes of improving system performance, when i came across wininit.exe. Every search i've done on the internet has told me the same thing; that it's part of the wollf.16 trojan and should be deleted or disabled immediately. Ending the process causes a bluescreen crash though. I've ran through all the tasks listed in the preliminary removal instructions and have attached the log files. Norton Antivirus and AVG Antirootkit both came up clean.

    I've noticed a big slow down in performance over the last few months. Even more so after i upgraded to Vista HP about a week ago. I've tried defragging several times and my hard drive is only half full. Still both cpu's run at 100% for a minute or 2 after startup and the hard drive is constantly making that damn noise. Could all this possibly be caused by a virus?
  2. Mekaonija

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    I found this maybe that can help

    Other than that everything on your hjt log looks ok to me ;D
  3. momok

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    For information to speed up your system, please read this thread HERE.

    Your logs look clean.

  4. SteTL

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    Sorry i've taken so long to reply guys. I've tried out your suggestions. No sign of Bymer. Thanks for taking the time to help me out, i'm feeling a bit less paranoid now :). I've done standard maintainance and uninstalled some stuff i don't use, but it looks like there's just too much old junk hiding away in there. I think i'll just end up doing a reformat and starting from scratch.

    Thanks again, SteTL
  5. kakeederp

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    wininit.exe + vista

    If you're running Vista, this process is a Windows process and required for your system to run properly. Don't mess with it >.>!

    Just do a google search: "wininit.exe vista" or something like that and you will find out it is a safe file. From what I have read, the Bymer Trojan only affects computers running Windows versions 95, 98 and ME.

    Now the real question is, which came first? Was the Bymer Trojan around before Microsoft decided to use the same directory and file name for one of their necessary processes?
  6. BroBubba

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    The Wollf

    Thank you for that info., I was going to extremes to delete it. I found it with Assasin and tried to delete it, but all that happened is the computer restarts into Safe Mode status. Probably because that is an important file. I have Vista Home Premium.

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