Winlogon.exe HELP

By hammb
Mar 12, 2007
  1. Unfortunately I contracted a virus (trojan) in my winlogon.exe file
    I was able to delete the old file and replace it with a new (good) version however Windows will no longer boot up. I get stuck in the reboot loop

    I was able to get into the recovery console, replaced the file again, and still I get stuck in the reboot loop. So I rebuilt the boot.ini file through the recovery console (bootcfg /rebuild) and still I am stuck in the reboot loop.

    Does anyone have any suggestions. My knowledge of Windows doesn't include the winlogon.exe program so I am not sure what it does (except for the general definitions available online) or how to fix it.

    Need some expert advice here.
    My next step is probably going to be to hook the HD up to another xp machine as a slave and try to repair it that way however based on my experience so far it appears replacing the winlogon.exe file is not the cure
    so I am not sure what I would be repairing when I hook the HD up as the slave.

    PS.. The virus is gone (i think)

    XP Pro
    SATA 3 GB/s HD (Hitachi)

    Thanks a million
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